Caring for Succulents in Winter | How to Take Care of Succulents

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Want to keep your fleshy green friends safe in cold months? Here’s how you should be Caring for Succulents in Winter to make them thrive.

Caring for Succulents in Winter

Though succulents are easy to maintain, they need special care and attention in cold months, especially if you have kept them outdoors. Here are some important and handy tips on Caring for Succulents in Winter.

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Succulent Care in Winter

1. Fertilizing

It is not wise to feed succulents during winters, making the leaves become soft and eventually fall off the plant. So make sure to give succulents a last dose of fertilizer at the end of summer. Fertilize them only with a diluted balanced fertilizer according to the dosage on the label.

2. Prepare the Pot

Use a fresh, well-draining potting mix, specially made for cactus. You can improve its drainage by adding pumice or perlite. Go for terracotta or ceramic planters with ample drainage holes.

3. Bring them Indoors

Not all succulents are adaptable to sudden temperature changes, hence bring the outdoor succulents indoors before winter and keep them at a warm spot.

4. Watering

Water only when the soil dries out completely. Remember, less is good in succulents; you can even fix the schedule like watering them once in four to six weeks.

5. Sunlight

Keep the succulents at any bright window, where they can avail 4-5 hours of indirect and bright sunlight. Succulents in winters need moderate sunlight as compared to their growing period.

But, as the days are shorter in winters, make sure to nurture your plant with atleast 5-6 hours of indirect sunlight daily. Opt for a southern facing window for placing succulents.

6. Temperature

For Indian climates, most succulents do well in the temperature. If you live in the northern areas or where the temperature falls below 10 C, you have to be extra careful with the plants.

Tips on Winter Succulents Care

Caring for Succulents in Winter 2

  • Most succulents survive the low temperatures, but some varieties of echeveria, crassula, and aloe vera need special attention in winters.
  • Always go for hardy succulent varieties that are more adaptable to sudden weather changes, like burro’s tail, snake plant, aloe vera, hens and chicks.
  • Do not worry if some of the outer leaves of succulents shrivel and fall off. It’s natural for succulents to lose some leaves during this period.
  • In the absence of ample sunlight, the plant starts stretching out and lean-towards windows. So, if you see such signs, expose them to sunlight.

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