8 Best Succulents for Terrarium in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Small plants make for a great addition to glass boxes. Have a look at some of the Best Succulents for Terrarium that you can grow with ease!

Here are some of the Best Succulents for Terrarium that are easy to grow and maintain. They also look super cool!

Succulent Plants for a Terrarium

1. Burros Tail

Best Succulents for Terrarium

Botanical Name: Sedum morganianum

Its cluster of cascading stems are covered with fleshy and blue-green leaves. Its compact size and form factor makes it great for small terrariums!

2. String of Pearls

Botanical Name: Senecio rowleyanus

This succulent vine features pea-like foliage that makes quite a statement in the terrariums.

3. Hens and Chick

Best Succulents for Terrarium 2

Botanical Name: Sempervivum tectorum

This succulent is popular for its low growing habit, plumpy petals, and produces a cluster of baby rosettes.

4. Tiger’s Jaws

Botanical Name: Faucaria tigrina

The thick triangular leaves, surrounded by the bold and serrated edges, are reminiscent of the tiger’s jaw.

5. Zebra Haworthia

Best Succulents for Terrarium 3

Botanical Name: Haworthia attenuata

The dark green leaves are covered with horizontal wands, that resemble zebra stripes in appereance.

6. String of Nickles

Botanical Name: Dischidia nummularia

The rounded leaves gracefully arranged on the wiry stems appear like a long strand of coins.

7. Trailing Jade

Best Succulents for Terrarium 4

Botanical Name: Peperomia rotundifolia

The plumpy and ovate dangling leaves take a purple-pink tone during the cooler months of winters.

8. Mother of Pearl

Botanical Name: Graptopetalum paraguayense

The gray-blue leaves of the mother of pearl succulent add a burst of greenery in the terrariums!

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