12 Best Indoor Plants in Bangalore

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Living in the capital of Karnataka and willing to grow some charming houseplants indoors? The below list has the Best Indoor Plants in Bangalore for you!

Known as a Garden city of India, Bangalore is famous for its green spaces and splendid weather. Thanks to the high elevation of this city that keeps the temperature moderate throughout the year with occasional dry and wet seasons. If you are dwelling in this pleasant climatic city, then, of course, you will want some greenery to liven up your indoor space as well. These Best Indoor Plants in Bangalore is perfect for the tropical savanna climate of the city.

Best Indoor Plants in Bangalore

1. Boston fern

Indoor Plants Bangalore

Botanical name: Nephrolepis exaltata

Arching fronds of Boston fern, gracefully spilling from the hanging baskets, are the limelight of any interior. Not only for beauty, but this fern has also earned admiration due to its indoor air cleaning property. Just place it at the brightest corner and this plant will liven up your indoor space.

2. Snake Plant

Botanical name: Dracaena trifasciata

Its variegated leaves are scalloped with yellow-cream edgings. Growing from 8-inches up to 12-feet, the densely packed vertical leaves of the snake plant adds a minimalistic look with its architectural shape. The snake plant is an ideal houseplant for bedroom. Absorbing various VOCs from the surrounding, it purifies air too. It is one of the best Best Indoor Plants in Bangalore.

3. Jade Plant

Indoor Plants Bangalore 2

Botanical name: Crassula ovata

Glossy and fleshy leaves alternately growing on the brownish, woody trunk are reminiscent of the miniature tree. Thanks to its low maintenance nature that makes it a favorite indoor houseplant. The white to pink-hued blossoms emerging from winter to spring also glorifies its appearance.

4. Money Plant

Botanical name: Epipremnum aureum

Considered to bring good fortune to its owner, this hard to kill plant has creeping growth habit. You can grow this plant in the hanging pots for a cascading look or train them on the trellis for a vine-like appearance. The heart-shaped leaves of money plants are tinged with yellow splashes. This plant can even survive in low-light places making it a feasible option for less bright rooms.

5. Lucky Bamboo

Indoor Plants Bangalore 3

Botanical name: Dracaena sanderiana

The slender and intricate stalks of lucky bamboo resemble the bamboo tree that can work as a great focal point of any space. As a decorative accent, it is grown in a glass vase filled with water and pebbles, but for the longevity of the plant opt for the soil medium.

6. Foxtail Fern

Image Credit-whatsurhomestory

Botanical name: Asparagus aethiopicus

The needle-like leaves tightly packed in a dense cluster is the true identity of this plant. The leaves look like they can be easily broken if manipulated, but actually it is a hardy specimen. Also known as ponytail or emerald fern, this plant benefits from the exposure of morning sunlight with afternoon shade.

7. Baby Rubber plant

Indoor Plants Bangalore 4

Botanical name: Peperomia obtusifolia

The glossy and partly rounded leaves look exceptionally beautiful. These lance-shaped leaves can be either striped or plain, depending upon the variety. This evergreen plant attains a height up to 10-12 inches, bears tiny flowers that look like white-hued spines.

8. Croton

Botanical name: Codiaeum variegatum

If you’re looking for a plant that can add colors in your interior, then croton is the best choice. The green leaves of this plant are flauntingly marked with red, orange, and yellow blotches. This plant flushes out its best color, only if kept it at the brightest corner or near a sunny window of the home.

9. Pinstripe Calathea

Indoor Plants Bangalore 5

Image Credit-solosucculents

Botanical name: Calatha Ornata

Belonging to the prayer plant family, the deep green foliage of this plant is covered with feather-like white veins. The veins and the underside of the leaves are flushed with a purple-pink hue that doubles up its beauty. Since this plant performs exceptionally well in humid areas. it makes it a perfect plant for Bangalore climate.

10. Peacock Plant

Botanical name: Calathea makoyana

The pale green leaves of this plant are tinged with dark green blotches along the veins that resemble the feather of a peacock. The underside of the leaves is pink-purple. This species like other rubber plant family closes the leaves during night time and opens it again during dawn.

11. Chinese Evergreen


Indoor Plants Bangalore 6

Botanical name: Aglaonema

Displaying a wonderful combination of silver and green colors, the leaves of this plant offers a stunning visual. It is one of the tough indoor plants that even makes a fine-tuning with fluorescent lights. Doing well in low light and low watering, this plant has air cleansing property according to NASA that makes it stands out.

12. Dinner Plate Aralia



Botanical name: Polyscias balfouriana

Scalloped and curved edging on the shiny, green leaves of Aralia casts off an interesting visual. This houseplant has double compounded leaves that grow on erect stems. In some species of Aralia, leaves are covered with tiny bristles. This plant loves humidity and admires slight misting on leaves. Bright, indirect sunlight, or fluorescent light both works well.

How to Care for Indoor Plants for Home in Bangalore 

  • Water the plants in pots thoroughly until the water starts coming out of drainage holes. Check the moisture consistency by poking one and a half inches finger in the soil.
  • Place a small tray beneath the pot to catch up the excess of water from the plant. It can work as a natural humidifier as well.
  • Depending upon the light requirement, keep the plant on a south-facing window or keep them in fluorescent light or use sheer curtain for filtered sunlight.
  • Rotate the plants near a sunny window for even growth of the whole plant. As a general thumb rule, rotate a one-quarter portion of the plant each week.
  • During the dry season, lightly mist the plant using a spray bottle to maintain humidity and keep the plant dust-free.

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