13 Best Flowers that Bloom at Night

Last Updated: 19.12.2023
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We generally see blossoms during the daytime but do you know about the Best Flowers that Bloom at Night? Continue reading to know more!

You might already have stunning flowers in your garden, but are you aware of the fact that there are a couple of unique flowers that secretly unfurl while you sleep? Here are the Best Flowers that Bloom at Nighttime are worth growing in your garden.

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Best Flowers that Bloom at Night

Here are the Night Blooming Flowers Name: 

1. Gardenia

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night

Botanical Name: Gardenia jasminoides

Gardenia blooms from mid-spring to midsummers and is cherished for its pleasing scent. Tubular, waxy, white to yellow flowers unfurl in clusters during the night hours. Native to the coffee family, evergreen gardenia mostly thrives in tropical and subtropical regions.

2. Tuberose

Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa

The rich fragrance of tuberose flowers needs no introduction! The waxy, starry white flowers are gracefully arranged on the spikes—it blooms during the night throughout the year in the tropical regions of India.

3. Night Blooming Jasmine

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 2

Botanical Name: Cestrum nocturnum

During the nighttime, the five acute lobes of the starry flowers unfurl and exude mesmerizing fragrance in the surroundings to attract the pollinators around. It is one of the Best Flowers that Bloom at Night!

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4. Datura

Botanical Name: Datura stramonium

The trumpet-shaped flowers of datura can be easily spotted near roadside or gardens in India. The large flower appears in white, yellow, pink, to purple shades. This flower unfurls after the twilight and closes back during the morning of the following day.

5. Four O’Clock

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 3

Botanical Name: Mirabilis jalapa

Also known as a marvel of Peru, this magnificent flower is tubular shaped and appears in spectacular white, pink, purple, blue, magenta, and yellow shades. These purple flowers that bloom at night is the pride of the summer gardens and unfolds during the evening to twilight hours, specifically after 4 o clock.

6. Brahma Kamal


Botanical Name: Saussurea obvallata

Touted as the king of Himalayan flowers, Brahma kamal has been hallowed in Tibetan and ayurvedic medicines. Flowers bloom profusely after dusk in the hilly regions of Himalaya, Burma, and China. These white flower that blooms at night and keeps exuding its intoxicating fragrance till the morning.

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7. Evening Primerose

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 4

Botanical Name: Oenothera

The stunning yellow bloom unfurls from the evening to night hours, and its display can be enjoyed till the noon of the following day. These Yellow flowers bloom in day and close at night in indiapop up on the terminal spikes during the springs.

8. Moonflower

Botanical Name: Ipomoea alba

The trumpet-like flowers open in the evening and stay open till the following dawn. As the name denotes, this a flowers that only bloom at night resembles the moon-like charm and displays all night in the moonlight.

9. Angel’s Trumpet

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 5

Botanical Name: Brugmansia

Pendulous flower displays in various colors ranging from white, cream, yellow, orange, red, pink, to green. The flower opens up during the nighttime and emits a pleasing scent.

10. Night Scented Orchid

Botanical Name: Epidendrum nocturnum

Orchids are everyone’s favorite, but the tendency to unfurl and emit a pleasing scent at night makes night-scented orchids stand out from the rest. This nocturnal flower has slender, pointed petals that are cream-yellowish in color.

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11. Dragon Fruit Flower

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 6

Botanical Name: Hylocereus undatus

The blooming of dragon fruit flowers mostly occurs between July to October. But unlike other blooms, this exceptional flower opens only once every year. These nocturnal ornamental flowers appear in white to pink shade on the dangling cactus vine-like stems.

12. Night Blooming Water Lilies

Botanical Name: Nymphaea ‘Antares’

These lilies unfurl during the dusk hours and keep on displaying their charm till the next morning. The pink-hued multi petals showcase an amazing floral arrangement and also release outstanding fragrance to attract pollinators.

13. Chocolate Flower

Best Flowers that Bloom at Night 9

Botanical Name: Berlandiera lyrata

As the name signifies, this flower is known for its chocolate-like fragrance. Though the chocolate daisy flower opens up after the sunset, the fragrance of the flowers is at its peak during the morning hours.

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1. Why are night blooming flowers generally white?

Night-blooming flowers are often white because their pale petals reflect moonlight, enhancing their visibility in the dark and attracting nocturnal pollinators.

2. Which flower bloom only at night?

Several flowers exclusively bloom at night, including the enchanting Moonflower, the mystical Night-Blooming Cereus, and the delicate Evening Primrose.

3. Why are night blooming flowers white?

Night-blooming flowers tend to be white as this color maximizes their visibility in the dim moonlight, assisting nighttime pollinators in locating them with ease.

4. What are some flowers that only bloom at night?

Notable bloom only at night flowers name includes the ethereal Moonflower, the captivating Night-Blooming Jasmine, and the fragrant Night Phlox, to name a few.

5. Are there moon flowers that bloom at night?

Yes, moonflowers, also known as Ipomoea alba, are renowned for their mesmerizing nocturnal blooms that unfurl under the moon’s gentle glow.

6. Is there a flower that blooms only at night?

Certainly, the Night-Blooming Cereus, with its grand, night-only blossoms, is a prime example of a flower that reveals its splendor exclusively after dusk.

7. Which flower that blooms at night once a year?

The exquisite “Queen of the Night” orchid cactus, or Epiphyllum oxypetalum, is known for its annual, night-time bloom, making it a rare and cherished sight.

8. Why do some flowers bloom at night?

Certain flowers have evolved to bloom at night to attract specialized nocturnal pollinators like moths and bats, ensuring successful reproduction in the dark.

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