8 Beautiful Bonsai Fruits Plants | Best Bonsai Fruit Trees

Last Updated: 07.03.2024

If you want to relish homegrown organic fruits in a very short space, then try growing Bonsai Fruits Plants that are also ornamental!

Bonsai is the practice of growing a dwarf variety of trees and shrubs in the containers. It is one of the best ways to grow your favorite tree in a remarkably short space! Let’s have a look at the best Bonsai Fruits Plants!

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1. Meyer Lemon

Bonsai Fruits Plants

Botanical Name: Citrus × meyeri

Meyer lemon can effortlessly grow as bonsai indoors, and they reward their owner with a fresh and flavorful harvest year-round. Just make sure it gets plenty of direct sunlight.

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2. Calamondin


Botanical Name: Citrus x microcarpa

Though the calamondin orange plant can grow up to 15-20 feet long, you can keep its size in check by regular pruning. The plant also produces scented flowers that fill up the indoor space!

3. Crabapple

Bonsai Fruits Plants 2

Botanical Name: Malus cerasifera

One of the best fruit plants for a bonsai display is a crabapple. Besides the edible fruit, its spectacular blooms, and leaves, both add a timeless charm to the interiors.

4. Pomegranate

Botanical Name: Punica granatum

Surprisingly, the dwarf cultivar of a pomegranate can also be grown as a bonsai specimen. For indoors, opt for ‘Nana’ dwarf cultivar or ‘Nejikan.’

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5. Persimmon

Bonsai Fruits Plants 3

Botanical Name: Diospyros kaki

This fruit bonsai can be trained as a single or multiple trunks. Cultivars named Diospyros decandra (gold apple), and Diospyros peregrina (Indian persimmon) are the popular bonsai choices in India and are frequently spotted in Buddhist temples of Thailand.

6. Cherry

Botanical Name: Prunus avium ‘Bonsai’

Varieties like ‘Bright n Tight’ and ‘Yoshino’ cherry are dwarf cultivars that can be trained into bonsai. This evergreen tree bears stunning spring flowers that serve as the focal point for interiors.

7. Fig Tree

Bonsai Fruits Plants 4

Botanical Name: Ficus carica

According to the variety grown, the ficus produces fruits in summers, or fall. Though this deciduous bonsai tree has rapid growth, regular pruning keeps it in ideal shape and size.

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8. Black Currant

Botanical Name: Ribes nigrum

This bonsai is not prone to drying and cracking, unlike other bonsai. Just provide it plenty of sunlight, ample watering, and the plant will reward you with abundant berries and an ornamental appeal!

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