5 Top Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home

Last Updated: 19.12.2023
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Not only cacti are famous for their resilient and forgiving nature, but there are also many Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home! Let’s have a look.

Cacti and succulents both are some of the most unique plants that you can grow indoors. Besides adding a visual appeal, there are also many Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home that’ll surely tempt you into keeping at least one in your room!

Here are the most easy to grow Cactus in India

Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home

1. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home

The cactus is touted to reduce stress as it minimizes the level of carbon oxide that is the topmost reason for restlessness and anxiety. Also, keeping it around induces calming vibes, making it a great addition to offices and homes.

Moreover, the presence of cactus and other plants renders a psychological impact on the patients, helping them in early recovery.

2. Cleanses the Indoor Air

The cacti help in better breathing by purifying the surrounding air. All plants including cacti absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into breathable oxygen. Besides, cacti also clean the toxins from the indoor air, hence helping in upgrading the indoor air quality.

By keeping a ratio of 1 large cactus per 2 people, you can reduce the CO2 level by half.

3. Lowers Down Ambient Noises

Background noises are the culprit of productivity and concentration. Keeping a cactus plant around can reduce the ambient noise of the surrounding by up to 3-5 decibels.

4. Highly Adaptable Nature

Benefits of Cactus Plant in Home 2

Thanks to the resilient, hardy, and low maintenance nature, cacti can dwell at any place and doesn’t even mind some negligence. Its shallow root system makes it a perfect specimen to thrive in multiple ways for visual interest.

5. Aids Humidity

Thanks to their tendency of contributing extra humidity to the indoor air, keeping cactus indoors will relieve you from dry skin and itching problems.

How to Take Care of Cactus at Home?

  1. Place the plant at any bright spot like the south or east-facing window.
  2. Remember, water it sporadically, only when the topsoil looks dry. The plant is drought-tolerant, hence can forgive watering negligence, but not overwatering.
  3. Use only potting soil specifically designed for cactus and succulents. You can also make it by mixing 3 parts of regular potting, 2 parts of coarse sand, and 1 part of perlite or pumice.

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