8 Benefits of Bijora Fruit | Citron Fruit Advantages

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Citron fruits come with a lot of advantages and consuming them regularly is good for the body. Here are some Benefits of Bijora Fruit!

Benefits of Bijora Fruit

Growing on a small and evergreen tree with spiny branches, the Bijora lemon is a large-sized fruit with a thick rind with a juicy pulp. It is one of the three original citrus fruits from which other citrus cultivars have been derived further. You can find Bijoru Image to better visualize its appearance. The fruit is reminiscent of lemon in terms of fragrance and flavor. Let’s have a look at some Benefits of Bijora Fruit and why you must include them in your diet!

Botanical Name: Citrus medica

Bijora Fruit in English: Citron
The Bijora Fruit in Hindi: नींबू बिजौरा
Bijora Fruit in Marathi: बीजोरा” (Bijora)

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Uses of Bijora Fruit

  • After extracting the rind, the pulpy and juicy part is consumed either raw or bottled as juice.
  • The fresh juice is popular to prepare refreshing drink known as vai tipolo.
  • The tarty pulp is famous to make jams and pickles.
  • The rind is cooked or carmelized with sugar for confectionery purposes.
  • The juice is also used to cure sore throat problems.
  • The soothing fragrance of the fruit also has uses in essential oil and perfumery.

Bijora Fruit Benefits

Benefits of Bijora Fruit 2

Here are some Bijora Nimbu ke Fayde:

1. Helps in Boosting Immunity

The high Vitamin-C content of Bijora helps the immune system and keeps chronic diseases at bay, thanks to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Reduces the Risk of Cancer

The flavonoids present in the citron fruit works as antioxidants that lower the risk of breast, pancreas, and stomach cancer.

3. Repels Insects and Moths

The rind is effective in warding off mosquitos and moths. You can rub the rind or juice drops over the mosquito-bitten area to relieve itching.

4. Helps in Eliminating Kidney Stone

The citrus fruits like lemon and citron are the boon for kidney stones problems. Bijora increases the level of citrate in urine that eventually lowers the risk of forming a kidney stone.

5. Beneficial for High Cholesterol and Weight Loss

The soluble fiber and flavonoids lower cholesterol levels and also reduce the risk of heart strokes. Citron also elevates good HDL cholesterol, while reducing the bad LDL cholesterol from the body.

Tip: Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with a few drops of honey and citron juice in the morning increases metabolism and aids in weight loss.

6. Gives Relief from Headache

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever properties, having a cup of lukewarm water with fresh citron juice helps in relieving headaches instantly.

7. Best Remedy for Respiratory Problems

From ancient times, fresh citron juice has uses to treat mild respiratory infections. This home remedy relieves from nasal problems like cold, sore throat, and cough.

8. Uses in Ayurveda

Rich in vitamin-C, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, and copper, the fruit is popular for treating nausea, vomiting, scurvy, vision and intestinal ailments in Ayurveda.

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