Popular Assamese Vegetable Names

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Assamese cuisine is popular for its fresh, dried, and fermented vegetables use. Here are some Popular Assamese Vegetable Names you can relate to!

Assam is not only famous for its flavorful tea cultivation, but also for its unique cooking style that features less oil and spices. What makes their cuisine more unique is the fact that the vegetables can be either fresh or even can be in preserved forms like dried or fermented. Here’s a short tour of the most popular Assamese Vegetable Names!

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Popular Assamese Vegetable Names

1. Garlic

Assamese Vegetable Names

Assamese Name: Nohoru

In Assamese cuisine, fish and meat recipes are incomplete without the subtle taste of roasted garlic.

2. Coriander

Assamese Name: Dhonia

Dhonia pairs well in garnishing and chutneys, whereas, seeds work as spices for flavoring food.

3. Cauliflower

Assamese Name: Phool Kobi

Complements well with fish curry in Assam.

4. Curry Leaf

Assamese Name: Noroxingho

The slight essence of curry leaves pep up the flavor of Assames meat and fish dishes.

5. Amaranth

Assamese Name: Moricha / Morisaxaak

A powerhouse of iron, minerals, and vitamins, this leafy veggie is stir-fried with spices and chilies.

6. Cabbage

Assamese Name: Bondhakobi

Either toss cabbage as a salad dressing or cook it by braising or sauteing.

7. Potato

Assamese Vegetable Names 2

Assamese Name: Aloo

Aloo Pitika or mashed potato recipe garnished with onions, and chilies are the pride of Assamese cuisine.

8. Yam

Assamese Name: Kath Aloo

The starchy, and fleshy tuberous yam root feature sweet taste with a nutty undertone.

9. Jackfruit

Assamese Name: Kothal

Young fruits can be added to curries and noodles as the replacement of meat for vegans.

10. Pointed Gourd

Assamese Name: Potol

Adding gourd in the diet has an added perk of keeping liver and vision problems at bay.

11. Snake Gourd

Assamese Name: Dhunduli

Pairs well with fish recipes in Assam.

12. Ridge Gourd

Assamese Name: Jika

Cook its delicious pitika or prepare the crispy fritters, the culinary options of ridge gourd is endless.

13. Pumpkin

Assamese Vegetable Names 3

Assamese Name: Ronga Lau

It is a star ingredient of the Assamese oambal chutney.

14. Bottle Gourd

Assamese Name: Jati Lau

In Assamese cuisine, the goodness of bottle gourd is combined with fish to prepare the appetizing curry.

15. Turnip

Assamese Name: Shalgum

Turnip is an abundant source of vitamins- K, A, C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B2, omega fatty acids, and minerals.

16. Brinjal

Assamese Name: Bengena

Brinjal complements well in curries and stir-fries.

17. Radish

Assamese Name: Mula

Use raw in salads, cook it as a veggie or add it to soups and pickles.

18. Tomato

Assamese Name: Bilahi

Tomatoes are an integral part of the Assamese Pitika, chutney, and fish dishes like Masor Tenga.

19. Sweet Potato

Assamese Vegetable Names 4

Assamese Name: Mitha Alu

This versatile root vegetable has a starchy-sweet flavor that can be roasted, baked, or boiled.

20. Ivy Gourd

Assamese Name: Kunduli

Including this veggie in a meal helps in keeping blood sugar, blood pressure, and obesity level in check.

21. Ladyfinger

Assamese Name: Bhendi

These versatile greens can be paired with curd, gravy, or even fish to prepare a vast number of recipes.

22. Cucumber

Assamese Name: Tioh / Tiyoh

This hydrating veggie with a melon-like flavor is relished raw after seasoning with salt and pepper.

23. Drumstick

Assamese Name: Sojina

The addition of drumsticks ginger up the boring taste of curries, stews, and pickles.​

24. Bell Pepper

Assamese Name: Krisno Jolokia

Bell pepper is reminiscent of chili in terms of appearance.

25. Onion

Assamese Vegetable Names 5

Assamese Name: Piyaaj

The pungent, sour zest of onion enhances the flavor of curries and dal.

26. Mouse Melon

Assamese Name: Siral

This distinctive melon is mostly relished raw like cucumber but can be pickled as well.

27. Garlic Green

Assamese Name: Nohoru Xaak

Green garlic is made into a paste with chilies and salt for rendering a garlic zest to savory dishes.

28. Banana Flower

Assamese Name: Koldil

This traditional vegetable is sauteed in a rustic style with fewer spices as a side with rice.

29. Mushroom

Assamese Name: Kath Phula

This umami flavored mushroom is a great substitution for meats dishes.

30. Carrot

Assamese Vegetable Names 6

Assamese Name: Gajor

The mild sweet carrots make notable statements in pudding, pickles, and chutney.

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