Utkarsh Shukla

Utkarsh Shukla

Utkarsh Shukla

Utkarsh is a student but not only of the academic field but also a student in the art of sweet science that is boxing. He is also a fitness freak and hits the gym on a regular basis. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and hence along with the zen that gardening and horticulture brings peak physical stability is of utmost importance to him. He enjoys music and is a huge Cinemaphile. Gardening brings him joy to see his dedication and care flourishing and uses this as a metaphor for every aspect of his life. His attachment with animals is beyond words and in his own words he says “If all of us were like animals the world would be an infinitely better place.”

Utkarsh currently resides in Bangalore, India but has lived in USA for a duration of 6 years and has also traveled across 6 different countries giving him a taste and knowledge of different cultures. He basically is from Uttar Pradesh in India but calls the silicon valley of India his home for 15 years.


  • 2 Years of Practical Experience in Flora and Fauna
  • 200+ published articles
  • Botanical Heritage with his Father’s Research on Tree Wood.
  • Scientific Gardening Approach: Simplifying Complexity
  • Educational Gardening Advocacy
  • Published Articles with Prestigious Newspaper
  • Online Articles and Blog Publishing in various Internships

Word from Utkarsh

“The fire of interest towards nature ignited within me from a young age. My goal you could say is to ignite the same fire in you through my blogs and articles. All I say is that let’s begin this journey to find peace in the greenery of our surroundings together!”


Utkarsh is pursuing journalism from IIMC, Delhi. As a current journalism student, he has honed his communication skills, which play a pivotal role in delivering knowledge and insights about gardening, trees, and wild vegetation in the most engaging and informative manner. This allows him to connect with readers on a deeper level, making complex botanical concepts accessible and enjoyable.


  • Wildlife- both flora and fauna
  • Tree harvest
  • Wood specialties
  • Identification of plants