10 Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals you Shouldn’t Miss!

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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These Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals will help you to have a juicy and abundant harvest! Here’s all the information to increase production.

Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals

If you are looking forward to having a bumper harvest of these juicy fruits, you must look at the Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals!

Here are the best varieties of Apples you can grow in India

Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals

1. Use Trellis

If you don’t have a big farm, you can cultivate apples in a small space. Give them support to survive strong winds or any unpleasant weather. This will also help the plant to bear the weight of the fruits effectively.

2. Paint the Base

If you plan to use weed spray, then make sure to coat the base of the plant with a ‘tree paint’ so that weed killer/spray doesn’t harm the tree.

3. Spacing

Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals 2

As a general thumb rule, semi-dwarf to dwarf apple tree varieties can be grown 4-8 feet apart. While the towering or full-sized trees ask for 14-18 feet of distance between for the best growth.

4. Go for Drip Watering System

The drip system delivers the water to the apple plant’s roots in the appropriate amount and at the right time, eliminating the chances of overwatering. It also decreases the risks of pests and diseases.

5. Prune Bottom Branches

Professionals suggest cutting the bottom branches, as it aids in attaining taller growth. If you would not prune the below branches, the tree will have horizontal growth instead of upside.

6. Orchard Grass between Trees and Rows

Consider growing orchard grass between the trees and rows, as they suppress the weed growth.

7. Graft Different Apple Varieties

Apple Growing Secrets from Professionals 3

If you are not happy with your apple tree’s fruit variety, you can cut it a few feet off the ground and then try grafting a new variety. It will reward you with desirable fruits with minimum effort!

8. Opt for Dwarf and Semi-dwarf Tree Varieties

Dwarf and Semi-dwarf tree varieties are easy to grow, ask for minimal space, offer a feasible harvest, and are more disease resistant.

9. More Tree Varieties for Abundant Fruiting

Though some apple tree varieties are self-pollinating, most trees need multiple varieties around for better pollination. So, make sure to grow more than one apple tree variety together with the same blooming time for ample harvest.

10. Discard Weak Fruits

A tree can produce finite fully grown fruits on the tree, but if the tree’s energy is divided into producing more fruits, you might have many poor quality fruits.

Discard weak and small fruits before they form fully, to have a supply of limited but quality fruits.

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