Aloe Vera in Different Indian Languages

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Do you want to know about Aloe Vera in Different Indian Languages? This complete guide features all its names with all the related information!

Aloe Vera in Different Indian Languages

This guide will give you all the details on Aloe Vera in Different Indian Languages! Read on to know what it is called in different parts of the country!

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Aloe Vera in Different Indian Languages


1. Aloe Vera in Hindi: Gwarpatha

There are many recipes involving Aloe Vera. Some of them are Aloe Vera ki Sabzi, Curry with Aloe Vera, and Aloe Vera Bhaji.

2. Aloe Vera in Rajasthani: Gwar Patha or Ghrit Kumari

The plant does remarkably well in hot and arid areas, making it perfect for the Indian climate.

3. Aloe Vera in Sanskrit: Ghrit Kumari

The plant has a total of 200 species, most of which are helpful for the human body.

4. Aloe Vera in Marathi: Koarphada

Koarphada can kill different types of molds, bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

5. Aloe Vera in Bengali: Ghrit Kumari

Just like Sanskrit, they are called Ghrit Kumari in Bangla. It is also used as a facewash gel or for scrubbing purposes.

6. Aloe Vera in Kannada: Lolisara

Aloe gel helps to reduce weight and controls diabetes.

7. Aloe Vera in Tamil: Kathalai

Kathalai is popular as a Vastu plant in Tamilnadu and people believe it attracts positive vibes.

8. Aloe Vera in Telugu – Kalabanda

The leaves hold a transparent gel which is popular for its healing property

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Advantages of Aloe Vera

  • As it is very easy to grow, you can cultivate it in small pots and keep the plant in balconies, windowsills, or in gardens.
  • Harvest the leaves for their gel and use them to make juice.

Tip: For best growth, make sure it gets plenty of sunlight every day.

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