What is Kachnar Flower in English | Orchid Tree Uses

Last Updated: 18.10.2023

Bauhinia variegata is quite popular for its numerous medicinal properties. If you’re wondering What is Kachnar Flower in English, then we have the answer for you!

What is Kachnar Flower in English

Want to know What is Kachnar Flower in English and its uses in India? Well, we have all the details for you and more!

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Kachnar Flower Information

Native to eastern Asia and China, kachnar is an ornamental tree with orchid-like blooms. The flowers have a pink to purple hue with red markings and they are also lightly fragrant. In Hinduism, its blossoms are used in the worshipping of goddesses Laxmi and Saraswati. Its stems, leaves, and flowers are popular for their immense therapeutical and medicinal properties.

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What is Kachnar Flower in English?

Botanical Name: Bauhinia variegata

English Name: Mountain ebony

Other Common English Names: Butterfly ash, Camel’s foot, Orchid-tree

Other Common Names in India: Kanchanara, Gandari, Yugapatraka, Kovidaara, Kanchan, Kuddal, Koiralo, Mandaram, Chingthrao, Raktakanchana

Culinary Uses of Kachnar

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The fruits, leaves, and flowers of kachnar are edible. People use them for making broths and pickles. Its blooms are also popular for their uses in some vegetable dishes in North India that tastes really good with spices like turmeric, chili, and coriander powder.

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Therapeutic Uses of Kachnar

1. The infusion of leaves is used as a laxative to treat digestive ailments.

2. The stem bark has anti-diabetic, astringent, and anti-tumor properties.

3. Its roots have anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Dry buds are popular for treating tumors, diarrhea, worms, and piles.

5. Decoctions of its stems is great to regulate the menstrual cycle.

6. Kachnar is a boon for skin problems like acne and pimples.

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