14 Best Walnut Varieties in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Crunchy and packed with full of nutrients, Akhrots are a common sight in Indian households! Here are some of the best Walnut Varieties in India!

Walnut Varieties in India

Walnuts are native to southern Asia and America and famous for their flavorful kernels. The kernels taste best raw, but they are also a part of the numerous Indian delicacies. India ranks seventh in the worldwide walnut production with states like Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Arunachal Pradesh being the major cultivators. Let’s have a look at the best Walnut Varieties in India!

Botanical Name: Juglans

Other Names: Persian walnut, Akhrot, Akarottu, Akrotu, Akroda

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Best Walnuts in India

1. Wilson

This self-fertile walnut tree variety is early bearing and produces delicious,  high-quality nuts. In India, Wilson walnuts are extensively cultivated in Himachal Pradesh.

2. Kashmir Budded

Kashmiri walnut is famous for its good quality and mild-flavored nuts that feature slight tan colored kernels. Himachal Pradesh is the prominent state of its production.

3. Placentia

Walnut Varieties in India 2

These medium-sized and smooth textured nuts have a quite thin but hard and well-sealed shell. The kernels are smooth, tan with a mild flavor.

4. Eureka

Grown in Himachal Pradesh, Eureka is early to the mid-season bearing. The nuts are of elongated shape and have an excellent nut seal. The light-colored kernels are moderately plumpy and easy to crack.

5. Franquetfe

Mostly cultivated in Jammu and Kashmir, this french walnut variety is late leafing. It features small but high-quality nuts that are well-sealed and have a thin but firm outer shell.

6. Lake English

Growing on a large 50-60 feet tall trees, the variety bears thin-shelled nuts, with mild-flavored kernels. The brown oval nuts have a sweet and slightly rough texture.

7. Opex Caulchry

Walnut Varieties in India 3

This variety yields high-quality nuts known for good taste. Jammu and Kashmir is the prime state of this commercial variety cultivation.

8. Chakrata Selections

Pride of the Uttarakhand state, the variety bears medium-sized nuts with plumpy kernels. The chakrata selection-1 variety is cultivated only in the Chakrata region of district Dehradun, hence earned this name.

9. Gobind

Himachal Pradesh is the major state of this exotic cultivar cultivation. The flavorful kernels are of excellent quality and have an easy to break, soft shell.

10. CITH Walnut-1

This variety bears large-sized nuts that have plumpy and light-hued kernels. The large-sized kernels are encased within a smooth and softshell. This mid-season blooming variety has a high yield.

11. CITH Walnut-2

Walnut Varieties in India 4

The ovate shaped nuts are large, and the flavorful kernels have a thin shell that is very easy to remove.

12. CITH Walnut-3

The variety was introduced in 2009 by the institute variety release committee. The outer shell has a rough-texture, and the kernels are of mild taste.

13. CITH Walnut-4

This late-season variety produces large nuts with a high kernel recovery rate. The flavorful kernels have a fragile shell.

14. CITH Walnut-5

The variety is late-season bearing and known for its higher yield rate and bigger kernel size. The light-colored shell has a smooth texture, whereas the kernel is plumpy, flavorful, and comes in tan shade.

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