Popular Vegetable Names in Marathi

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here is a list of Popular Vegetable Names in Marathi, which is the official language of the state of Maharashtra in India!

After Hindi and Bengali, Marathi is the third-highest number of speakers in India. The slight variation in terms of pronunciation and expression is observed that gives rise to 42 dialects of the standard Marathi language. Let’s have a look at Popular Vegetable Names in Marathi!

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Popular Vegetable Names in Marathi

1. Potato

Vegetable Names in Marathi

Marathi Name: Batata

High in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, B6, this starchy root vegetable pairs well with almost every vegetable.

2. Tomato

Marathi Name: Tomato / Tamato

Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin C, K, potassium, and folate.

3. Ash Gourd

Marathi Name: Kohala

Star ingredient of Indian delicacy ‘Petha’, the sweet flesh of ash gourd can also be added to salads.

4. Lady Finger

Marathi Name: Bhendi

It is cut either in a slice or rounds to prepare Indian specialties like Kurkuri Bhindi, mixed veg, or Masala bhindi.

5. Pumpkin

Marathi Name: Lal Bhopala

The yellow-orange flesh of the pumpkin is used in savory dishes.

6. Spinach

Marathi Name: Palaka / Sag

Use its leaves in salads, cook as a vegetable, or prepare crispy fritters.

7. Bitter Gourd

Vegetable Names in Marathi 2

Marathi Name: Karale

It is the main ingredient in the famous Karela Bhaji!

8. Taro Root

Marathi Name: Alu / Chempu

Nutty-flavored taro tastes best when fried, roasted, or boiled.

9. Bottle Gourd

Marathi Name: Dudhi Bhopala

Gourd can be prepared into scrumptious fritters, kofta, and pudding.

10. Snake Gourd

Marathi Name: Padwal

Loaded with dietary fibers, vitamins C, and E, snake gourd is boon for healthy skin and hair.

11. Ridge Gourd

Marathi Name: Dodaka

The spongy flesh can be added to dal, sambhar, and pachadi.

12. Chilli

Marathi Name: Hiravi Mirachi

Chili plays a vital role in Indian cuisines, as they impart the desired level of spiciness to dishes.

13. Ginger

Vegetable Names in Marathi 3

Marathi Name: Aale

The addition of spicy and peppery ginger gives a kick of flavor to ginger tea, pickles, and savory dishes.

14. Garlic

Marathi Name: Lasud / Lasan

Garlic is a flavorful condiment for soup, stews, and meat dishes.

15. Radish

Marathi Name: Mula

The crispy texture and peppery flavor of radish makes it a subtle addition to salads and soups.

16. Jackfruit

Marathi Name: Phanas

Use it as a substitute for meat to ginger up the taste of curries, noodles, and soups.

17. Coriander

Marathi Name: Kothimbir

Coriander leaves add flavor to salads, raita, soups, and savory dishes.

18. Cabbage

Marathi Name: Kobi

Used in salads, paratha, soups, and snack preparation.

19. Fenugreek

Vegetable Names in Marathi 4

Marathi Name: Methi

Dried and fresh leaves are a great addition to dal, soups, and vegetable dishes.

20. Cauliflower

Marathi Name: Phoolkobi / Flower

It is a rich source of Vitamin C, K, and dietary fiber.

21. Broad Beans

Marathi Name: Ghevada / Val Papdi

Best for a vegan diet, as it provides ample amount of fiber, protein, and minerals to the body.

22. Cucumber

Marathi Name: Kakdi

This hydrating veggie, with melon-like taste, is relished in the salad.

23. Brinjal

Marathi Name: Vaange

Goes well in stews, soups, and vegetable dishes.

24. Cluster Beans

Marathi Name: Gavaar

Stir-fried and the flour of dried beans is used in cheese and icecream making.

25. Capsicum

Vegetable Names in Marathi 5

Marathi Name: Dhobali Mirchi

Mild, sweet, and crispy capsicum enhances the taste of sandwiches, salads, and pulao.

26. Mushroom

Marathi Name: Alambi

Mushrooms are a great substitute for meat.

27. Onion

Marathi Name: Kaanda

Vegetable dishes and Marathi specialty Usal are incomplete without it!

28. Beetroot

Marathi Name: Beet

This superfood is packed with fiber, manganese, potassium, iron, vitamin C, and B9.

29. Sponge Gourd

Marathi Name: Ghosala / Turai

It tastes like Zucchini and goes well in curries, stir-fries, and fritters.

30. Carrot

Vegetable Names in Marathi 6

Marathi Name: Gajar

Carrots are relished in pudding, salads, desserts, and chutneys.

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