12 Variegated Plants Safe for Cats in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Do you want to grow houseplants without worrying about your pets? Here are some beautiful Variegated Plants Safe for Cats.

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats

Streaked and colorful plants are the new craze among gardeners, but many feline parents are often worried whether they should grow them or not.  If you too are one of them, then have a look at some amazing Variegated Plants Safe for Cats according to ASPCA.

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Variegated Plants Safe for Cats

1. Ponytail Palm

Botanical Name: Beaucarnea recurvata

The cluster of thin and narrow leaves, arching from the top of the bulbous trunk, looks inevitably gorgeous. This variegated plant variety is totally safe for cats and also asks for minimal maintenance.

2. Prayer Plant

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats 2

Botanical Name: Maranta leuconeura

According to ASPCA, all the varieties of prayer plant are totally safe for cats. The plant showcases a wonderful blend of emerald and light green colors on the leaves with attractive pink veins.

3. Purple Waffle Plant

Botanical Name: Hemigraphis alternata

The ruffled and green foliage with a purple underside makes this plant stand out from the rest.  It is completely safe for cats as well as dogs.

4. Variegated Bird Nest Fern

Botanical Name: Asplenium nidus variegated

The broad leaves of this plant add an appeal to any corner. Its foliage displays a striking cream-hued foliage banded with green stripes. This plant is unharmful, even if your kitty swallows it.

5. Variegated Swedish Ivy Plant

Botanical Name: Plectranthus verticillatus ‘Variegata’

Its green foliage, scalloped edgings, and random white markings make it look quite beautiful.  It is easy to grow and a boon for pet lovers, thanks to its non-toxicity towards cats.

6. Hoya plant

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats 4

Botanical Name: Hoya kerrii Variegata

Evergreen leaves of hoya, mottled with random white-golden splashes, add a bit of drama to interiors. You can add it to your houseplant collection without any worries as it is safe for pets.

7. Variegated Weigela

Botanical Name: Weigela ‘Florida Variegata’

The pointy and dark green leaves feature striking yellow-cream variegation across the border. It bears a cluster of pink flowers that makes it look more appealing. It is non-toxic to pets.

8. Ctenanthe Amagris

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats 5

Botanical Name: Ctenanthe burle marxii Amagris

The oval-shaped pale green leaves of Ctenanthe are marked by deep-green curved stripes. Like the prayer plant, the foliage has a tendency to furl during the night time. This exotic plant is pet friendly.

9. Canna Lily

Botanical Name: Canna indica

The low-maintenance Indian shot has tropical foliage and its flower appears in the distinctive variegation of red, yellow, pink, and orange shades.

10. Stromanthe triostar

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats 6

Botanical Name: Stromanthe sanguinea

The stunning plant has variegation of white and green colors that look more enticing with the red underside. This plant is non-toxic to kitties.

11. Japanese Maple

Botanical Name: Acer palmatum ‘Kagiri Nishiki’

The green leaves of Acer are complemented by a pink-white border. Place it at any bright corner of your home for intense foliage color.

12. Earth Star

Variegated Plants Safe for Cats 7

Botanical Name: Cryptanthus

It has a wavy margin and showcases wonderful stripings of red, green, white, and pink colors. As the plant is cat friendly, any pet owner can grow it without any worries!

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