20 Beautiful Vanda Orchid Varieties in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Vanda Orchid Varieties in India offers some of the best colors, floral patterns, and fragrance among orchids! Here are some of the best ones you can grow!

Vanda orchid is famous for its showy, long-lasting, and fragrant blooms that come in a wide array of colors including blue. The term ‘Vanda’ is a part of the Sanskrit word ‘Vandaka‘. This orchid is common in India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, Australia, and the Philippines. Let’s have a look at Vanda Orchid Varieties in India.

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Vanda Orchid Varieties in India

1. Vanda coerulea Orchid / Blue Vanda Orchid

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India

Vanda coerulea is native to Northeast India, Myanmar, and Thailand. Thanks to its rare blue shade, it is popular in cross-breeding of blue and purple breeds.

2. Vanda coerulescens / Sky Blue Vanda

Found in the Arunachal Pradesh, this orchid comes in an elegant shade of lilac-blue. The fragrant flowers are borne in a cluster on long spikes that repeatedly bloom during winter and spring.

3. Vanda dearei

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 2

Its sweet-scented flowers present a wonderful combination of cream-white and pale yellow shades. The flower is found natively near the rocky and lowland forest areas.

4. Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid / Singapore Orchid

This hybrid flower is a result of breeding between Vanda hookeriana and Vanda tree species.  It is also the national flower of Singapore.

5. Vanda stangeana

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 3

Endemic to Indian states, Vanda stangeana is a pride of Manipur and Arunachal Pradesh. Its slightly recurved petals have yellow-green color and are heavily blotched with contrasting brown markings.

6. Vanda alpina / Montane Vanda

In India, the flower has been reported from western-eastern Himalayan, Assam, Sikkim, and Nepal. The yellow-green lip tinged with purple stripes adds to its visual.

7. Vanda bicolor

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 4

It is mostly found in the eastern Himalayas, Burma, and Bhutan. Vanda Bicolor features dark brown petals with complementing lilac-purple throat.

8. Vanda tessellata / Checkered Vanda

Looking charming with lilac-purple lip and light brown petals, it is native to Bangladesh, Burma, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and India. It has a hypnotic effect, as the bees fall on the ground after sucking its nectar.

9. Vanda wightii

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 5

The flower was respotted in Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu after some period of extinction. Its petals are brown, and the white lip is mottled with yellow streaks.

10. Vanda cristata

Found in east-west Himalaya, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, China, and India, its waxy flower arises in spring, and summers. It has yellow-green sepals with a cream lip and marron patches.

11. Vanda thwaitesii

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 6

It was originated in Sri Lanka but later became extinct. Now, it is found in Kerala and Karnataka states of India. The flower presents a spectacular combination of cream and yellow hues along with wavy petals.

12. Vanda testacea

The flower is native to India, Nepal, Thailand, and Myanmar and features an alluring combination of violet flushed lips surrounded by yellow petals.

13. Vanda griffithii

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 7

The rocky regions of Nepal, Bhutan, and eastern Himalaya are homes of this particular species. The pleasing scented flowers are long-lasting and continually display throughout the spring season.

14. Vanda jainii

Vanda jainii species is native to the Assam state of India. The distinctive flower adds elegance to the landscape, thanks to its wonderful combination of purple and white tones.

15. Vanda bensonii

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 8

The species is native to Burma, Thailand, and in the Assam state of India. Popular for its faint fragrance, this spring bloomer features muddy hued petals with purple-lilac lip.

16. Vanda liouville

The cultivar is native to the Indochina region and also common in the Assam state of India. It is one of the most distinctive-looking flowers on the list with a brown hue.

17. Vanda tricolor / Soft Vanda

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 9

The cultivar is native to Bali, Laos, and Indonesia and showcases purple lip and milky-white petals blotched with shades of magenta.

18. Vanda ampullacea

The flower is native to the eastern Himalaya, Nepal, China, to India. One of its cultivars was designated with a first-class certificate from the Royal Horticultural Society.

19. Vanda curvifolium

Vanda Orchid Varieties in India 10

This orange vanda orchid is common in eastern Himalaya, Nepal, Vietnam, and the Assam state. The spectacular flower has deep orange to crimson petals with a complementing yellow lip.

20. Vanda miniatum

In India, this flower is common in Assam and Kerela. The yellow-orange sepals and petals of this orchid are narrow and slender that look striking with a slightly recurved lip.

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