11 Uncommon and Unusual Plant Varieties You Can Grow in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the most Unusual Plant Varieties You Can Grow in India for a quirky yet interesting look in your home and garden.

Plant enthusiasts are always looking forward to collecting some species that are new, unusual, and odd. If you are also one of them, here are some Unusual Plant Varieties you can grow!

Here are some weird houseplants you’d love to grow 

Unusual Plant Varieties in India

1. Lipstick Echeveria

Unusual Plant Varieties

Its wonderful rosette of pointy leaves has deep green and crimson red margins. The plant also produces flowers in deep red color during spring.

2. Lithops

Also known as living stones, its unique pattern gives it a colorful stone-like appearance. The plant produces a single flower and can live up to decades.

3. Zigzag Cactus

Unusual Plant Varieties 2

The arching stems of this cactus are serrated and have alternate leaves pattern that’s reminiscent of a fish’s skeleton. It is a great plant for hanging baskets.

4. Cape Sundew


These plants are famous as flypaper, as they catch flies with sticky ‘hair’ on the leaves. Cape sundew appreciates warm temperatures and moist soil to thrive.

5. Hedgehog Cactus

Unusual Plant Varieties 3

This low-growing cactus is covered with fuzzy layers, thanks to the cluster of white spines all across the surface. It also grows flowers in red-pink shade.

6. Rose Succulent

These succulents grow rose-like flowers in striking shades of green and pink. Provide plenty of sunlight and deep but infrequent watering for best growth.

7. Hoya Heart

Unusual Plant Varieties 4

Though it is generally sold with a single heart leave, many grow its vine for a clustered foliage. This plant is low maintenance and asks for minimal attention.

8. Rabbit Succulent

Two fuzzy and long leaves give this plant an impression of bunny’s ears. With age, the ‘ears’ start getting longer in size. Grow it in well-draining soil and provide plenty of sunlight.

9. Bat Flower

Unusual Plant Varieties 5

Native to southeast Asia, the plant is quite rare. Its exotic blooms have two dark-hued bracts that mimic the shape of a bat.

10. Silver Torch Cactus


The long stem of this cactus is covered with fine ‘hair’ that gives it a fuzzy appearance. What adds more to its beauty are burgundy to red flowers that can last up to 4-5 days.

11. Dolphin Succulent

Unusual Plant Varieties 6

This string-like vine has dolphin-shaped green leaves. The plant is quite interesting to look at and you can grow it in hanging baskets, or as a groundcover.

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