4 Best Types of Dragon Fruit in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Kamalam has many health benefits and offers a delightful taste too! Let’s have a look at the Best Types of Dragon Fruit in India!

 Types of Dragon Fruits

Native to Central America and Mexico, dragon fruit has a sweet pulp with seeds. It has a crunchy texture, similar to a blend between kiwi and pear. Here are the best Types of Dragon Fruit you can grow in India.

Here’s all you need to know about growing Dragon fruit in India

Best Types of Dragon Fruit in India

1. Hylocereus undatus

Other Names: Pitaya blanca, White fleshed pitaya

Also known as Pitahaya, this dragon fruit variety features pink skin, black seeds, and white flesh.

2. Hylocereus polyrhizus

 Types of Dragon Fruits 2

Other Names: Red Pithaya

The fruit is also called red pitahaya, thanks to the red flesh. This variety is native to Mexico, but now it is cultivated in many countries.

3. Hylocereus costaricencis

Other Names: Pitaya Roja, Red fleshed pitaya

The variety is also called Costa Rican Pitaya, as it belongs to Costa Rica. It has violet-red flesh with pear-shaped, black seeds.

4. Hylocereus selenicereus

 Types of Dragon Fruits 3

Other Names: Pitaya Amarilla, Yellow pitaya, Selenicereus megalanthus

This variety is native to America and unlike other types, it has white flesh along with yellow skin.

Dragon Fruit According to the Colors 

  • Red Dragon Fruit: It has pink skin with dark red flesh inside. Fruit varieties that fall under this type are Costa Rican Sunset, Red Jaina, Zamorano, and Natural Mystic.
  • Pink Dragon Fruit: It has pink-red flesh. Varieties like Delight, Dark Star, Purple Haze, Makisupa, and American Beauty come in this type.
  • White Dragon Fruit: This cultivar produces pink skin and white flesh. David Bowie, LA woman, Alice, and Neitzel are the popular varieties.
  • Sour Dragon Fruit: This dragon fruit type is sourer and less sweet. It also produces more juice than other dragon fruits.
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit: This type includes just one variety that has yellow skin accompanied by white and firm flesh that is a lot tastier as well as sweeter.

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