7 Types of Dahlias | Best Dahlia Varieties to Grow

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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Check out the most beautiful Types of Dahlias you can grow in India. They come in different varieties and look great in gardens with their vivid colors!

Dahlias are quite popular thanks to the color and shapes of disc florets. If you too are mesmerized by their beauty and want to include them in your garden, then here are the best Types of Dahlias to grow!

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Types of Dahlias

1. Collarette Dahlias

Types of Dahlias

What makes this dahlia stand out is its two rings of overlapping petals. The outer petals are larger in size than the middle rings. Its flowers look stunning with the dark green foliage.

Best Varieties: Pooh, Night butterfly, Chimborazo, and Yankee Doodle Dandy

2. Pompon Dahlias

As the name suggests, these dahlias come in a ball-like shape. They come in different colors and grow best in well-draining soil. Make sure to expose them to the direct sun for 3-4 hours daily.

Best Varieties: Moor Place, Olum Surprise, and Franz Kafka

3. Cactus and Semi Cactus Dahlias

Types of Dahlias 2

These dahlias have double blooms with narrow petals having full, double flowers. The spiky and pointy ends make them resemble cacti, hence the name.

Best Varieties: Doris Day, Pianella, Frigoulet, and Ryecroft Pixie

4. Decorative Dahlias


These are double blooms with flat and broad petals. They are one of the largest dahlias, as the flower head is as big as 8-12 inches in size. The flowers are quite popular in bouquets.

Best Varieties: Checkers, Arabian Night, Kelvin Floodlight, and David Howard

5. Anemon Dahlias

Types of Dahlias 3

Anemone dahlias are famous for their single and double flowers. These dahlias have tubular florets in the center with a ring of flatter petals on the outer side.

Best Varieties: Lambada, Arabian Night, Purpinka, and Totally Tangerine

6. Waterlily Dahlias


This type has double flowers with curvy petals that give them a saucer-like shape. They come in so many colors that it would be really hard to pick one!

Best Varieties: Kilburn Rose, Caballero, and Taratahi Ruby

7. Single Dahlias

Types of Dahlias 4

Single Dahlias showcase blooms with a single row of flat ray florets. If you want a flower that stands out in your yard with different shades, this is it!

Best Varieties: Joe Swift, Magenta Star, Mystic Illusion, and Bishop of York 

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