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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Looking for a unique and easy to care plant for your home? Check out these amazing Types of Air Plants that you must grow!

There is nothing better than growing air plants indoors. They are easy to care for and help in improving the quality of air at your home. You can plant airplants in terrariums, hanging planters, or containers and flaunt their uniqueness! If you are not sure which airplant will suit your home decor, check out these amazing Types of Air Plants!

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Types of Airplants

1. Tillandsia ionantha ‘Druid’

Types of Air Plants

This air plant is cherished for its small size and strikingly beautiful bright green leaves. It grows till 4-6 inches tall and looks lovely in terrariums. Keep them in a spot that receives bright, indirect sunlight.

2. Tillandsia andreana

Native to Columbia, Tillandsia andreana is a delightful airplant with light green foliage and needle-shaped vibrant green leaves. Look after them by misting the leaves so they don’t stay thirsty for long.

3. Tillandsia maxima

Types of Air Plants 2

Tillandsia maxima is an impressive and one of the largest air plant varieties. It needs medium water, light to thrive and the leaves turn peach red on bright sun exposure.

4. Tillandsia cyanea

Commonly known as Pink Quill Plant, it belongs to the bromeliad family of airplants and features lovely pink bracts surrounded by narrow dark green leaves. The plant also blooms stunning violet flowers.

5. Tillandsia kolbii

Types of Air Plants 3

Unlike other airplants, this variety boasts lime green leaves growing in an upright direction. It is a small, unique airplant that thrives best in a humid environment, looks unique, and feels soft on touch.

6. Tillandsia bulbosa

The most interesting thing about these airplants is their leaves that resemble the tentacles of an octopus. Their wild look will spruce up the elegance of your terrarium!

7. Tillandsia ioliacea

Types of Air Plants 4

Only 1-2 inches in size, it features a thick lime green foliage and beautiful spike-like leaves. Good air circulation and moderate humidity are secrets to keep it thriving.

8. Tillandsia usneoides

Tillandsia usneoides is an amazing airplant featuring curly and elongated silver-green leaves. Spanish Moss, Spanish Beard, Tree Hair, and Kali’s hair are some of its common names.

9. Tillandsia xerographica

Types of Air Plants 5

If you are looking for an airplant that looks magical in terrariums, go for Tillandsia xerographica without giving a second thought. It offers an aesthetic appeal with its gorgeous foliage.

10. Tillandsia aeranthos

This variety blooms stunning pink-purple flowers and surrounded by beautiful green leaves with sharp tips. It makes a great center decor piece when placed with other varieties of air plants.

11. Tillandsia capitata

Types of Air Plants 6

Tillandsia capitata has comparatively larger fronds and grows up to 10-12 inches tall. It is very easy to care for and ideal for beginner airplant growers.

12. Tillandsia funckiana

Tillandsia funckiana is loved for its unique shape and distinct look. It boasts red-tipped sharp leaves and blooms a beautiful non-fragrant orange-red flower.

13. Tillandsia gardneri

Types of Air Plants 7

Tillandsia gardneri is a rare air plant variety found mainly in the dry tropical forests of Brazil, Venezuela, Tobago, and Colombia. It features soft, leaves flaunting beautiful green-silver color.

14. Tillandsia stricta

This is a versatile air plant variety and can survive in a wide range of environments. It blooms lovely pink and white flowers in summer that only last a day.

15. Tillandsia chiapensis

Types of Air Plants 8

Tillandsia chiapensis falls in the likes of every air plant lover for its soft succulent leaves and low maintenance needs. To encourage full growth, keep this airplant in full sun.

16. Tillandsia fuego

The colorful leaves make Tillandsia fuego stand apart from other air plants. It is a 1-3 inches tall tiny plant, that is fun to grow and easy to look after. Keep it in bright, indirect sunlight.

17. Tillandsia fuchsii

Types of Air Plants 9

Hailing from the jungles of Mexico and Guatemala, this airplant boasts light-green symmetrical leaves that grow in clumps over time. It looks great in terrariums as well as hanging glass bowls.

18. Tillandsia didisticha

Tillandsia didisticha is native to Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay and one of the largest air plants around. It can grow up to one foot tall and looks elegant in pots.

19. Tillandsia angulosa

Types of Air Plants 10

Tillandsia angulosa belongs to the Bromeliad family and a rare air plant variety. It thrives best in full sun and homes with good aeration.

20. Tillandsia argentia

Native to Cuba and Jamaica, Tillandsia Argentea resembles Tillandsia fuchsii in appearance. It is small and looks terrific in hanging terrariums and prisms glass.

21. Tillandsia baileyi

Types of Air Plants 11

Also known as Reflexed Air Plant, Tillandsia Baileyi has its origins in the United States and Mexico. It is a medium-size air plant and has a very distinct appearance from other air plants.

22. Tillandsia balbisiana

Tillandsia balbisiana is a beautiful air plant with short stems and large leaves. It needs good light and aeration to thrive well.

23. Tillandsia bandensis

Types of Air Plants 12

Tillandsia bandensis blooms lovely pink flowers and does well indoors. To encourage better growth, water it regularly. It is one of the best types of air plants you can grow!

24. Tillandsia duratii

Tillandsia duratii is one of the few airplants that blooms fragrant pink and purple flowers. It has a versatile nature and thrives in a wide range of environment conditions.

25. Tillandsia dyeriana

Types of Air Plants 13

Native to mangrove forests of Ecuador, Tillandsia dyeriana is an exotic air plant with bright orange flowers. It looks splendid in terrariums and hanging glass planters.

26. Tillandsia kautskyi

Tillandsia kautskyi belongs to the Bromeliad family and native to the evergreen forests of Brazil. It is a small and exotic air plant with delightful looks.

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