How to Start a Balcony Garden in India

Last Updated: 01.01.2024

Looking for how to start a balcony garden in India? We’ve got you covered with all the details and information to get started!

Have you ever thought of a small beautiful garden in your balcony? For high-rise dwellers with tiny balconies, the idea of having their own green space seems distant. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do beautiful green things with it. You can turn your small balcony into an outdoor paradise. You can create your little urban garden by using your outdoor space smartly. With some planning and a few supplies, you will be good to go. Imagine if you can harvest tomatoes, chilies, and basil instead of buying the shriveled ones from your local grocery store. Make our urban dwelling more tranquil and peaceful by growing plants in our house and escape the everyday hustle and bustle. But before you start a garden balcony you need to ask yourself some questions.

Does your balcony get enough sunlight and wind?

Learn about the natural conditions in your balcony. It is useless to buy plants for your balcony without knowing if the conditions are appropriate for their survival. There are lots of plants which can easily thrive in less sunlight and some which just love the sun. Then there are some which need indirect sunlight and some need shade to do well. Some plants can survive in the heat and some cannot. There are plants which just curl up and die in wind, whereas some just dance in wind. If your balcony is always windy the plants will need frequent watering. So, assess the hours of sunshine and wind your balcony gets.

How much time and effort you can invest in your plants?

You should choose your plants as per your time and motivation. Do you have lots of time to tend and nurture the plants? Do you travel a lot and cannot put a lot of effort and time into caring for your plants. Think about all these. You are creating this green cover to relax and unwind yourself and not get more stressed.

What is your budget?

You can spend a fortune in creating a beautiful outdoor green space. Or you can curtail the cost by resorting to some smart and economical options. There is a never-ending list when you haven’t decided your spendings for your garden.

Think about safety

Make sure you are not putting too much weight on your balcony. Find out wherever you stay about the specific restrictions about the weight of pots and other rules. Make sure that suspension of planters on railings is allowed.

Work with all of the above challenges and your balconies can certainly be rewarding and beautiful throughout the year. With some tricks and tips, you can turn your tiny balcony into a luscious garden.

1. Invest in low maintenance plants

Choose the right kind of plant depending on the weather and location of your balcony. Grow plants which don’t need a lot of looking after and are easy to maintain. You can grow aloe vera, snake plant, money plant anywhere in your balcony. These plants can survive days without water. Money plant can be grown vertically around a rail and also in a vase. Bring in drought-resistant plants and flowers in your garden. One such beautiful plant is bougainvillea. It is a vibrant plant which can survive neglect also. Grow flowers like marigolds and begonias which are relatively low on maintenance and also beautify your balcony.>blogs

2. Vertical garden

For a small balcony consider having a vertical garden to save space. Cover railings and walls with creepers and vines. Also put stack and railing planters, hanging baskets and other vertical space maximizing products with drip irrigation system. Creepers ensure privacy especially if you want to just sit back and relax and keep out those nosy neighbors from looking in.

3. Vegetable garden

Grow your own food. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to feed your family with it but you will have your organic harvest. Some greens and herbs are easy to grow and enhance the flavor of almost anything. They are low on maintenance also. Plant some fast-growing veggies like capsicum, tomatoes, beans, and chilies. Herbs like mint, coriander, basil need 5 to 6 hours of sunlight and are not difficult to grow. You will surely save yourself a trip to the nearest grocery store.

4. For balconies which don’t get enough sunlight, shade plants are the best. You can grow ferns, orchids, and Peperomia.

5. If your outdoor space is a lot windy then you need plants that can withstand such conditions. Cactus and crotons will do well.

6. For sunny balconies, bougainvillea and geranium are the best plants as they can handle harsh sunlight also and can easily withstand neglect.

7. For small balconies use tiny pots only instead of the large ones as they take a lot of space. They can be kept on the floor or arranged on a table or shelf.

8. It is a good idea to keep the floor as uncluttered as possible especially when space is scarce.

9. Make sure your pots and containers have proper drainage as well. Pots made from terra cotta offer better drainage than the plastic ones, which don’t allow water to drain out properly. There should be drainage holes to prevent root rot and overwatering. Place saucers under the pots to prevent water from drainage holes spilling down.

10. You can use empty containers, jars lying around your house or even rain boots to grow plants and vegetables. everything you need to know about container gardening

11. Portable grow bags can also be used for growing veggies in small spaces. They are economical and easy to use.

12 You can make use of every nook of your balcony and create a soothing green space by bringing in some weather-friendly furniture like wicker and synthetic resin. Throw in some color with vibrant pillows and cushions. Place a small table and a few chairs to enjoy the fresh air with your morning tea or coffee.

13 You have to work with the conditions. If your balcony is sunny, bring in some shade. If it’s windy create windbreaks. A bad view can also be screened with plants like Areca palm and bamboo.

14 Just as you paint the walls of your room. Bring in some color on the walls of your balconies also. Decorate with garden accessories and lightings and create some pizzaz.

So what are you waiting for? Make your balcony the most tranquil and comfortable place of relaxation.

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