8 Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Check out the Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners in India that you can install for free and use in many ways! From understanding about plants and much more!

In this era of technology, mobile apps have made things relatively easier and fuss-free. Keeping that in mind, we have a list of some Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners that you can use easily!

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Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners

1. Garden Answers

 Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners

It can identify more than 20,000 plants and provide accurate information. It has a vast database and also provides accurate information about pests.

2. Garden Manager

Garden Manager

This app has various alarms to remind you of gardening schedules, including watering, fertilizing, pesticide spraying, etc. Also, through the plant photo log, you can take pictures of plants, and make notes about them, like sowing time, fertilizing time, and pruning time.

3. Garden Tags

 Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners 2

This app connects you with a large community of gardeners and provides information on more than 20,000 plants. The community exchanges significant information, guide, and tips to help each other.

4. Flower Checker


This app primarily provides a plant identification service. For identification, it takes the aid of qualified botanists, who have identified 90% of plants to date.

5. Garden Journal

 Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners 6

It is like a garden tracker app that will remind you on a periodic basis like now it’s time to water, feed, or prune. Although it is a free app, it can be upgraded to the Garden Planner app package to find the optimum plants for your veggie garden.

6. INaturalist


This app was developed by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic association. It allows you to take a snap of not only plants, but also birds, and animals.

7. My Soil

 Top Gardening Apps for Gardeners 9

As the name suggests, this app is all about the soil. Introduced by the British Geological Survey, it allows you to examine the soil with respect to the type, depth, pH, and organic matter content.

8. Gardenize

This app helps you track records of when, where, and what you have planted in your garden. It provides necessary instructions and care tips for the plants and also lets you record useful information.

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