Succulent Care in Monsoon | Taking Care of Succulents in Rainy Season

Last Updated: 28.12.2023
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Follow these important Tips on Succulent Care in Monsoon to make sure your beloved plants are healthy and happy during the rainy season!

Succulents, being desert plants, do not like much water, and taking care of them in the rainy season is important. Follow these tips on Succulent Care in Monsoon to ensure they stay in the best of their shape!

Here are the best plants to Monsoon in monsoon

Succulent Care in Monsoon

1. Plant them in Trays or Small Containers

Succulent Care in Monsoon

The best way to keep succulents happy is to keep them in small pots or trays. This will ensure they are never overwatered and even if they are exposed to rains, the small pot will dry out quickly. Do make sure the pots have a drainage hole at the bottom.

2. Add Plastic Sheets or Covers


If you have succulents in the balcony that you do not want to shift frequently, then you can cover them with a plastic sheet to save them from water. You can also use a big umbrella for this.

3. Avoid Daily Watering

Succulent Care in Monsoon 2

Excess moisture and humidity in the surroundings during monsoon keep the soil wet for prolonged periods. Do not water them till the topsoil feels very dry to touch in the monsoons.

4. Collect Rainwater for Watering

Prefer using rainwater to water the succulents as it has a lower pH value and is less mineral-laden as compared to tap water. It also promotes better growth of the leaves.

Collect rainwater in a container and use it for watering your indoor succulent plants only when the topsoil looks completely dry.

5. Do Not Put a Tray Below the Pot

Succulent Care in Monsoon 3

Avoid keeping the succulent container on top of a tray as it will prevent the water to escape out from the drainage hole, keeping the soil unnecessarily wet.

Some Additional Tips on Succulent Care in Monsoon

  • If you have grown succulents in the garden, then it would be wise to bring them indoors during heavy rains.
  • Growing medium plays a vital role. It should be well-draining. Regular garden soil has a tendency to hold on to the water for long and this can be fatal for succulents during monsoons.
  • If the succulent has become too mushy in rains, then take it out from the pot and let it dry for 3-4 days in a well-lit and dry location. Re-pot it in a new container filled with a fresh succulent mix.
  • Keep an eye on the weather forecasts, This will allow you to plant in advance in change the position of your succulents accordingly.
  • Keep them in the sunlight whenever the weather opens. Do make sure that you are not keeping them in the harsh afternoon sun for long in this time period. Keep them in the morning sun and then gradually acclimate the plants to more sunlight.

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