12 Best Strawberry Varieties in India | Types of Strawberries

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Flavorful strawberries are highly cherished all across the globe! Here are some of the Best Strawberry Varieties in India you can grow!

Rich in Vitamin-A, C, pectin, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, strawberries, with a slight tarty hint, are loved by everyone. The leading producers of strawberries are China, the USA, Mexico, Egypt, and Turkey. But, it was introduced in India after 1960, and most likely dwells in hilly plains. Due to their not so good response in subtropical environments and soon perishing tendency, the selection of the right cultivar plays a crucial factor. Here are some Best Strawberry Varieties in India that you can grow commercially.

Botanical Name: Fragaria × ananassa

Other Names: Alpine Strawberry, Fragaria collina, Fragaria insularis, Fragaria vesca, Fragaria virginiana, Fragaria viridis, Fragariae Folium, Fraise, Fraise Alpine, Fraise de Virginie, Fraise des Bois, Fraise des Bois Alpine Blanche, Fraise des Montagnes, Faise Sauvage, Fraisier, Fraisier Craquelin, Fraisier des Collines

Best Strawberry Varieties in India

1. Chandler

Best Strawberry Varieties in India

This variety provides a harvest for a couple of weeks from February till April. The shape of the berries ranges from conical to wedge. The chandler strawberries are preferred by commercial and home growers alike, thanks to their distinct flavor.

2. Tigora

The variety is virus resistant and produces large-sized, firm skin berries that find great usage in dessert preparation and processing jams, and jellies. Tigora strawberries feature flavorsome sweet-sour taste due to the presence of 0.98% acid and 6.2% of sugar.

3. Torrey

This variety plant bears large-sized, firm, and red flesh strawberries. The sweet-tart flavor of Torrey is the result of 6% of sugar and 0.97% of acid. Torrey strawberries are best for processing but can be relished raw too.

4. Selva

Selva variety plants produce conical-shaped strawberries in off-seasons. The bright red skin and thick flesh of the strawberries make an excellent choice for desserts. Its exceptional pie-like taste is the result of a balanced level of sugar (5.5%) and acid (1%).

5. Belrubi

Best Strawberry Varieties in India 2

The harvest is available from early February till the late march. It produces large-sized, conical to wedge-shaped fruits in the brilliant cherry shade. The berries have a mild tart-sweet flavor due to acidity 0.98%, sugars 6% content, and harvested from early summers to spring.

6. Sweet Charlie

The variety is an excellent choice for home gardens, thanks to its quality fruits and compact plant size, making the harvest easier. The sweet strawberries are a good choice for fresh eating. They have relatively low levels of acid and bear fruits during June.

7. Fern

The conic to wedgy fruit of this day-neutral cultivar ripens earlier. The berries have a pleasantly sweet taste with a slight sour hint. The skin of berries is fleshy, firm, and deep red, with slight hollow from inside.

8. Pajaro

The strawberries of this variety mature late and have low harvest yield comparatively. The berries have firm fleshy skin featuring a pleasing note due to 0.97% acid and 5.5% sugar content. Also, the strawberries of this variety respond well to processing and play a vital role in dessert preparations.

9. Pusa Early Dwarf

Best Strawberry Varieties in India 3

Pusa early is the pride of North Indian plains and has a large size and wedge-shaped fruit. Furthermore, this is a dwarf plant variety that starts bearing flowers in the first week of February.

10. Ofra

Ofra is recognized for having the highest vitamin-C content of 88mg per 100g among all other cultivars. The variety is the earliest one to flower with the lowest number of leaves. Furthermore, this is one of the sweetest strawberry varieties with the highest sugar content of 7.37%.

11. Blakemore


This variety is popular for yielding a good harvest of around 22-25 fruits per plant. The fruits are tastier and firm, making them suitable for jam and jelly preparation, over direct consumption.

12. Florida 90

The variety is native to the warmer parts of the USA, but now it successfully grows in India. This is one of the oldest and standard strawberry varieties. Also, its plants are bulkier and large-sized, providing heavy yields for a prolonged period.

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