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Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Sedums are characterized by their low maintenance nature and unique appearance! Know about some popular Stonecrop Succulent Types you can grow easily!

Belonging to the family Crassulaceae, stonecrop is a genus of succulents that consists of around 600 species. All varieties have fleshy leaves and grow flowers during their blooming period. Here are some popular Stonecrop Succulent Types that are commonly grown and can add interesting texture to your yard or home!

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Stonecrop Succulent Types

1. Sedum cauticola

Stonecrop Succulent Types

This succulent has trailing stems, densely covered with gray-green hued, rounded leaves. This variety of sedum bears starry flowers in the fall season with a stunning, purple-pink tone.

2. Sedum ogon

The triangular to round-shaped leaves are tiny and seldom tinted with pink marks under the influence of bright sunlight. Many gardeners use this sedum variety as a dense mat due to its fast crawling and spreading habit.

3. Sedum Blue Spruce

Stonecrop Succulent Types 2

The bluish-green leaves growing on the thin stems resemble the needles of spruce trees. During summers, its beauty becomes two-fold with the emergence of contrasting yellow flowers at the top of these stalks.

4. Sedum spurium ‘Elizabeth’

It is a low-growing sedum with a trailing habit and red foliage in fall. The magenta hued blossoms appear during summers. This succulent adds a minimalistic look to any garden and requires occasional maintenance.

5. Sedum confusum

Stonecrop Succulent Types 3

Green and glossy leaves of this succulent are in an oval shape that is gracefully marked with the pink tinges. It has a sprawling growth habit and bears a cluster of yellow-hued flowers during summers.

6. Sedum palmeri

This succulent emerges in the form of a rosette. Its leaves take a slight red hue under full sun exposure. The golden-hued flowers appear from late winter till the early spring.

7. Sedum adolphi ‘Firestorm’

Stonecrop Succulent Types 4

The splashes of red hue at the margins of green-yellow leaves look incredibly beautiful. This low growing and sun-loving succulent is known for its spreading habit. During spring, its beauty elevates with white flowers.

8. Sedum Alice Evans

The pale green-hued leaves of sedum Alice are settled in the form of a rosette. This sedum variety is one of the hardiest and drought-tolerant hence anyone can successfully grow it without paying much attention.

9. Sedum acre

Stonecrop Succulent Types 5

Also known as moss stonecrop, this fast-growing perennial has pale-green and conical leaves. During June and July, it produces a cluster of terminal flowers that creates a contrasting accent.

10. Sedum vera Jameson

The leaves are blue-green hued initially but gradually turn into the reddish-purple shade. During fall, it bears a bunch of dusty pink blossoms with a flattened top.

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