State Fruit of Uttarakhand and How to Grow It

Last Updated: 17.10.2023

Do you know about the State Fruit of Uttarakhand? Here are all the details and information along with how to grow it easily in your garden!

State Fruit of Uttarakhand

Most of you might not have any idea about the State Fruit of Uttarakhand, and to help you gain a little more general knowledge, we bring you all the details!

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State Fruit of Uttarakhand

The State Fruit of Uttarakhand is Kaphal, also spelled as Kafal. Botanically, it is popular as Myrica esculenta, and is also famous by the names box myrtle and bayberry. The shrub is native to northern India, southern Bhutan, and Nepal.

According to a study by the Punjab Technical University, the plant is widely used in folk medicine to treat several ailments such as asthma, cough, chronic bronchitis, ulcers, inflammation, anemia, fever, diarrhea, and ear, nose, and throat disorders.

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How to Grow the State Fruit of Uttarakhand?

The tree loves to grow in areas dominated by pine and oak forests. You can easily grow the plant from seeds, but it can be time-consuming, so getting its plant from a nursery makes a lot of sense. As the tree is native to the areas of the Himalayas, it might not do well in the typical hot climate of India.


Grow the tree at a spot that gets plenty of bright light. It will only fruit if it gets a minimum of 4-5 hours of direct sunlight daily.


The tree is not fussy about the soil and can do well in a regular growing medium. For best growth, amend the soil with plenty of cow dung manure and vermicompost at the time of planting.


Avoid overwatering the plant, as it can result in root rot. Water the plant when the topsoil feels a little dry to the touch, till it gets 4-5 feet tall. Once the tree establishes, it will take care of its watering needs.

Other Names of the State Fruit of Uttarakhand

  • Nepali: Kaaphal
  • Hindi: Kaiphal
  • Sanskrit: Krishnagarbha

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Health Benefits of Kaphal Fruit

  • According to a study, the therapeutic estimate of this plant is responsible for several pharmacological impacts in the treatment of different diseases, including asthma, diabetes, tumors, ulcer, and hyper tension.
  • Eating it regularly can be good for blood circulation.
  • This study also claims that the tree’s bark has many medicinal properties.

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