9 Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winter in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Check out our exclusive list of some of the Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winter in India! Plant them today for a brilliant display of colorful blooms!

If you are tired of growing the same blooms in your garden, then try something new with these Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winter in India!

Here’s all you need to know about starting a winter vegetable garden in India

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winter

1. Hollyhock

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winters

Botanical Name: Alcea

The flowers of hollyhock grow on tall spikes and come in beautiful shades of blue, pink, red, white, purple, and yellow. They match really well with its large leaves.

2. Aster

Botanical Name: Aster

Blooming in summers, aster features daisy-like blooms. Grow them in winters as the plant will be ready to bloom in all its glory for the coming flowering season.

3. Calendula

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winters 2

Botanical Name: Calendula officinalis

Calendula is popular for its bright yellow and orange flowers with a pleasing scent. It also invites bees and butterflies into the landscape.

4. Petunia


Botanical Name: Petunia

Petunias are super easy to grow and appear in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Plant them in hanging baskets for the best display. Also, make sure the plant gets plenty of sunlight.

5. Verbena

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winters 3

Botanical Name: Verbena

Verbena bears a dense cluster of tiny flowers on the spikes. Grow two to three cultivars together for different colors. The best time to plant them in India is between November to mid-December.

6. Dianthus

Botanical Name: Dianthus

Dianthus appear in pink-lilac, pink-purple, pink-white combinations with picotee margins. Plant them at a location that gets direct sunlight for 3-4 hours. However, it can tolerate some partial shade as well.

7. Sweet Alyssum

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winters 4

Botanical Name: Lobularia maritima

Belonging to the mustard family, the plant is popular for its vivid shades of white, violet, red, and pink. Moreover, as the name suggests, the flowers exude a pleasing scent reminiscent of honey.

8. Delphinium

Botanical Name: Delphinium

This flowering plant has long spikes of red, pink, violet, and white blooms. Its impressive height and feathery leaves look stunning all-year-round, even in the absence of blooms.

9. Dahlia

Rare Flowers You Can Grow This Winters 6

Botanical Name: Dahlia pinnata

Coming in stunning shades of white, yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple, dahlia is super easy to grow. Grow it in winters and the flowers will be ready to bloom at the end of January.

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