12 Beautiful Rainy Season Flowers You Can Grow in Monsoon

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Not all blossoms come during monsoon, but some do. Beautify your garden with the addition of these Rainy Season Flowers in India!

The arrival of the monsoon is one of the most pleasing feelings for all! The weather turns cooler and the rain sprouts up more greenery and floral life. It is also a great season to start planting if you are an avid gardener. So, what are the plants you can grow in this season? Here are some gorgeous Rainy Season Flowers in India that’ll be in their peak of beauty this season!

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 Rainy Season Flowers in India

1. Balsam

Botanical name: Impatiens balsamina

Balsam comes in an array of pink, red, lilac, and white colors and consists of double petals. The accentuating flower grows on succulent stems, covered with spirally arranged leaves. Also, the flowering starts around 60 days from the sowing and continues to bloom for 15-20 days.

2. Marigold

Botanical name: Tagetes

Displaying a multitude of color palettes ranging from, orange, yellow, to red, the marigold flowers are the pride of Indian gardens. The flower finds great uses in Hindu worshipping and rituals. It comes in two-tone with contrasting edging and continues to flower for 3-4 months right after 2 months from sowing.

Pro Tip: Growing marigold helps in deterring mosquitoes and aphides away.

3. Cape Jasmine

Botanical name: Gardenia jasminoides

The white, waxy flowers of cape jasmine can be single or double depending upon the variety. The matte white shade flower that gradually becomes yellow, makes a great contrast with emerald green leaves. It usually flowers from mid-spring to summer, but some cultivars continue flowering till rainy seasons as well.

4. Hibiscus

Botanical name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Native to a tropical region, Hibiscus is a funnel-shaped flower consisting of 5 petals. The yellow stamens emerge from the tube gives it a stunning visual. Moreover, the flower color may vary from white, yellow, pink, red, orange, peach, to purple. The blossoms repeatedly flower from mid-summer till early monsoon.

5. Lotus

Botanical name: Nelumbo nucifera

The stunning lotus needs no introduction! This aquatic plant is accentuated with broad, green leaves that float in the water surface. The slender airy stalk stands upright in the water on which the lotus unfurls. The petal distribution may be single, double, or multi-layer, with petals pinnacles in an overlapping fashion. Also, the flowering starts from June and continues till August.

6. Sunflower

Botanical name: Helianthus

The petals of the sunflower are actually sterile florets that are arranged in a spiral fashion. The flower color may range from yellow, red, to orange with a green circular head typically made from disc florets. The young sunflower cleverly follows the sun moves from east to west, but mature sunflowers permanently face towards east instead of moving east to west.

7. Cosmos

Botanical name: Cosmos bipinnatus

These delicacies resemble the daisy flowers while sitting on the thin stalks. Cosmos features a cup-shaped flower head, with 5-8 petals of white, pink, orange, or purple hue. Moreover, the flowers are surrounded with fern-like, feathery foliage, and its whimsical beauty display from spring through fall.

8. Indigo


Botanical name: Indigofera tinctoria

Scarlet red, purple, or white-hued, pea-like flowers, and hairlike thin leaves make this flowering plant exceptionally fabulous. It belongs to the tropical and subtropical regions and earlier used in the preparation of dye. Moreover, this is one of the best beautiful rainy flowers.

9. Plumeria

Botanical name: Plumeria rubra

The white to cream flower, with yellow tinges in the center, looks fascinating in any garden. The starry flower has a sweet floral fragrance that is at the peak during the night and early morning. Also, these sweet-scented blooms repeatedly flower during summer, monsoon, and fall.

10. Monsoon Cassia


Botanical name: Cassia fistula

Monsoon cassia is the charm of rainy seasons. Its blossom consists of five, yellow petals arranged in a pinwheel manner. The flower grows in the abundant clusters, looking overwhelmed by flowers with no leaves present. The flowering months of Monsoon cassia are from May till July.

11. Periwinkle

Botanical name: Catharanthus roseus

The periwinkle flower features five linear petals that may be of pastel pink, red-violet, white or even light blue color. Its petals surround a tube that is flushed with a dark pink tint. Since it belongs to the sunny weather of Madagascar, the flower appreciates full sun with some part shade. The showy flower repeatedly comes from summer through fall.

12. Purslane


Botanical name: Portulaca oleracea

Featuring five petals in single or bicolor, with succulent stems, the purslane can be a stunning specimen in your garden. You can grow them in window boxes, pots or even on groundcover, they totally perform well in all. The open cup-like flowers of purslane close during night time but unfurls again in the morning.

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