List of 16 Beautiful Purple Trees You Must Grow

Last Updated: 11.03.2024
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Purple Trees add splash of vibrant colors to any landscape. Here are the best ones you can grow easily in the garden!

Purple Trees add a touch of elegance with their deep purple to lavender foliage. Here are the most stunning purple trees, that you can grow easily.

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List of Purple Trees

1. Jacaranda

Purple Trees

Botanical Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia

The Jacaranda tree is a medium-sized tree with delicate, fern-like foliage and clusters of trumpet-shaped, purple flowers. This Purple Tree is popular for its stunning floral display.

2. Royal Poinciana

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

The Royal Poinciana, or the Flame of the Forest, is a large Purple Tree with fern-like leave. The flowers can have purple or reddish-purple hues in some varieties.

3. Queen’s Crape Myrtle

Purple Trees 2

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciose

The Queen’s Crape Myrtle is a small to medium-sized purple tree with attractive, peeling bark and large clusters of crinkled, purple flowers.

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4. Purple Bauhinia


Botanical Name: Bauhinia purpurea

The Purple Bauhinia is a purple tree with distinctive, heart-shaped leaves and large, purple, orchid-like flowers. It is popular in Indian gardens for its showy blooms.

5. Purple Orchid Tree

Purple Trees 5

Botanical Name: Bauhinia variegate

The Purple Orchid Tree, or the Butterfly Tree, is a medium purple tree with bi-lobed leaves and striking, purple, butterfly-shaped flowers.

6. Pride of India

Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia indica

The Pride of India also called the Indian Lilac, is a small to medium-sized tree with smooth, mottled bark and clusters of fragrant, purple flowers. It is one of the best purple trees you can grow.

7. Purple Orchid Bush

Purple Trees 8

Botanical Name: Dendrobium Chrysostom

The Purple Orchid Bush is a medium-sized shrub with tall, arching canes and clusters of purple flowers with a yellow center. This purple tree  is native to the Himalayas and northeastern India, adding a touch of elegance to gardens.

8. Purple Silk Cotton Tree

Botanical Name: Bombax ceiba

The Purple Silk Cotton Tree, also called the Red Silk Cotton Tree, is a large deciduous tree with a massive trunk and clusters of purple-red flowers. This purple tree is quite popular for its striking appearance.

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9. Purple Bauhinia

Purple Trees 66

Botanical Name: Bauhinia vahlii

The Purple Bauhinia, also known as the Mountain Ebony, is a small to medium-sized tree with large, purple, orchid-like flowers. This purple tree is native to the Western Ghats of India and is cherished for its beauty.

10. Purple Cassia


Botanical Name: Cassia bakeriana

The Purple Cassia, or Baker’s Cassia, is a medium-sized tree with compound leaves and panicles of purple, butterfly-shaped flowers. This purple tree is admired for its floral display.

11. Purple Beech

Purple Trees 78

Botanical Name: Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’

The Purple Beech is a medium to large-sized deciduous tree with deep purple foliage. Although not native to India, it is sometimes cultivated in gardens and parks for its stunning purple leaves.

12. Purple Glory Tree

Purple Trees 33

Botanical Name: Tibouchina mutabilis

The Purple Glory Tree, also called the Princess Flower, is a small to medium-sized tree with velvety, purple flowers that change color as they mature. This purple tree  is native to South America.

13. Purple Hazel

Botanical Name: Corylus maxima ‘Purpurea’

The Purple Hazel is a small deciduous tree with deep purple leaves. While it is not native to India, this purple tree is occasionally planted for its ornamental foliage.

14. Purple Hop Bush

Purple Trees 69

Botanical Name: Dodonaea viscosa ‘Purpurea’

The shrub has purple-tinted foliage and small, inconspicuous flowers. This purple tree stands out with its colorful leaves, and is sometimes grown as an ornamental plant.

15. Purple Wreath

Botanical Name: Petrea volubilis

The Purple Wreath, also popular as the Queen’s Wreath, is a vine-like shrub with clusters of delicate, purple flowers. It is native to Central and South America but you can spot this purple tree in India too.

16. Purple Sage

Purple Trees 11

Botanical Name: Salvia officinalis ‘Purpurascens’

The Purple Sage is a small herbaceous perennial with aromatic, purple leaves. While it is not a tree, you can consider it as a mini purple tree for the garden!

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