Preparing a Christian Garden in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023

Are you thinking about Preparing a Christian garden? We bring you top plant ideas and decoration suggestions for growing a beautiful one in your home!

Gardens make for a fantastic place to sit and chill around. If you are an avid gardener, with interest in Christan beliefs, this article has an excellent exercise just for you! Learn all about Preparing a Christian Garden and create a garden that represents your beliefs.

Flowers, since the beginning, have been associated with religions. Almost all religious ceremonies are incomplete without them. Christianity is not different; may it be any occasion; the flowers are always a requirement. Many flowers hold religious importance when it comes to Christianity. You can prepare your Christian garden by growing all these plants.

1. Poinsettia

Preparing a Christian Garden1

This plant proudly comes at the top of the list, thanks to all the love we have for it. Its star-shaped leaves are said to represent the star of Bethlehem, and its blood-red colored flowers are supposed to represent the blood of Lord Jesus. This should be the plant of your choice while Preparing a Christian Garden.

Common Names: Lalpata, Poinsettia Gida, Lalpatti, Rakta Parni, Magilkunni, Laipata

Why Should You Grow It?

Apart from the significance it holds mentioned above; this plant is also relatively easy to grow and maintain. They can be kept at the shade and require watering only when soil runs dry. And yes, they bloom right before Christmas so that you will have a flowering garden at the festival time!

2. Mistletoe

Legend has it that the white berries of the Mistletoe represented the fertility in males, in pre-Christian times. We are seeing our peeps kissing under the Mistletoe and hearing songs on it during Christmas as well!

Common Names: Banda, Amar Bel, Akash Bel, Tarurohini

Why Should You Grow It?

It is one of the top plants for the Christmas decorations, requiring minimal care, as it is dependent on its host, making it perfect for novices also. Orchard apples are great for Mistletoe growing, and if you already have on in your garden, then plant it right away!

3. Cranberries

how to prepare a christian garden

We all love cranberry Christmas cake, don’t we?! Wouldnt it be great, picking your fresh cranberries from your garden to bake the first cake of Christmas? With gorgeous looks and yummy berries to match, cranberries always have something great to offer to everyone around Christmas!

Common Names: Anduvan, Kelamaram, Katavu, Kalavu, Anduvan, Kalavu

Why Should You Grow It?

Cranberries are low perennial growing plants. They can do well only in special conditions and require a lot of care. So, if you want a plant in your garden that is unique, cranberries are a choice to make as not many people grow it.

4. Red Roses

Preparing a Christian Garden2

These are one of the most beautiful flowers with a heavenly scent. It is a symbol of charity and resurrection, as it is believed that rose was born from the blood lost by christ during the crucifixion. Rose has also been associated with Mother Mary. This should be the plant of your choice while Preparing a Christian Garden.

Common Names: Gulab, Sudburg, Pannirpu, Pannir Roja, Gulaabi Poovvu, Gulqand-gulab, Gul-e-surkh

Why Should You Grow It?

Growing roses in your garden are the best thing that you can do to decorate your garden. These flowers are the prettiest thing to look at, and the fantastic fragrance that they carry can make your garden the best place to be. Besides, these flowers can grow in a variety of climates as well.

5. Passiflora

passiflora in preparing christian garden

Passiflora’s flower symbolizes passion and Christ. This flower needs assistance to grow, just like the Christians require divine guidance. All parts of the flower have some religious symbolism, the sepals, and petals represent the faithful apostles, and the hairlike structures above resemble the crown of thorns.

Common Names: Krishna Kamal, Jhumkalata, Passionflower, Maypop, Christ’s Crown

Why Should You Grow It?

Passiflora is a perennial vine that you can grow in your Christian garden. These fast-growing plants come with beautiful cut flowers that can add a calming fervor in your garden. They can grow back easily if cut, just like the people with a passion for god can overcome all the evils of the world.

6. Lily

These beautiful, white flowers represent innocence, purity, and virtue. Since ages, the flower has been a symbol of the Mother Mary, as she was an epitome of all these attributes. Legends believe that after her ascend to heaven, the grave of mother Mary was decorated with these flowers.

Common Names: Kumudini, Lili, Kamala, Kaluva

Why Should You Grow It?

These majestic flowers are an ideal choice for growing in a Christian Garden. Apart from their religious significance, the flowers are a part of almost every religious ceremony. Also, they give an elegant touch to your garden!

7. Violet

Monk in medieval ages called these flowers as “flowers of Trinity” because of their three-leaf structure. The flower is also associated with humbleness and modesty in art and religion that often depict the Virgin Mary surrounded by purple flowers.

Common Names: Benafshaa, Amo, Ghatte, Banafsaj

Why Should You Grow It?

Apart from being religiously significant, these flowers can be the choice for covering the dirty corners in your garden and beautify it even more. They are easy to grow wildflowers that provide an instant ground cover as well.

8. Carnation

The first carnation flower is said to have sprung from the tears that Virgin Mary shed while watching her son carry the cross. The flowers represent the love of a mother for her child.

Common Name: The Flowers of God

Why Should You Grow It?

Although the above legend talks about pink carnations, various other colors of this flower also came to relate to many emotions. Growing them in your gardens is an excellent idea, as these flowers are not only amazing decoratives, but they are also useful in skincare and herbal teas.

9. Daisy

Representing innocence and simplicity, beauty, purity, salvation, these flowers are often associated with Jesus. Apart from that, they have also been associated with Humility and chastity of Mother Mary in Christianity.

Common Names: Great Ox-eye, Goldens, Marguerite, Moon Daisy, Horse Gowan, Maudlin Daisy

Why Should You Grow It?

Daisies are one of the prettiest flowers in the world, and also one of the most abundantly present. You can choose them as they are easy to grow and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are going to add both bright and subtle colors to your garden!

With these beautiful flowers that hold very much importance in Christianity, You can create your Own Christian Garden.

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