Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Wonder what are your favorite veggies called in Bengal? Here are the Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali that’ll help you to find out!

Bengali or Bangla language is spoken by the Bengali people belonging to the West Bengal state of India. Bengali cuisine features cooking with diverse flavorings and involves fish, vegetables, lentils along with a platter of rice. Let’s have a look at Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali!

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Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali

1. Spinach

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali

Bengali Name: Palong / Palang Shaak

Packed with iron, Vitamin K, C, and iron, spinach is cooked into stir-fried palong shaak.

2. Radish

Bengali Name: Mulo

Peppery flavored radish is relished raw in a salad.

3. Potato

Bengali Name: Aloo

Starchy potatoes are an integral part of Bengali delicacies like Allo Dom, Alloo Bhaja, and Aaloo Posto.

4. Drumstick

Bengali Name: Saujane Data / Sajane Dauta

Nutritious drumstick is packed with vitamins A, B, C, iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc.

5. Brinjal

Bengali Name: Begun

Combine the goodness of brinjal with flavoring spices to prepare Bengali specialty Begun Bhaja.

6. Pumpkin

Bengali Name: Kumro / Kumra

Pumpkin pairs well with savory dishes.

7. Cucumber

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali 2

Bengali Name: Shasa / Shausha

Cucumber aids in weight loss by reducing hunger pangs.

8. Bitter Gourd

Bengali Name: Karala / Karola / Uchche

The juice of bitter gourds keeps the sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

9. Bottle Gourd

Bengali Name: Lau

It is chopped for preparing savory dishes, whereas grated to cook kofta and pudding recipes.

10. Capsicum

Bengali Name: Shimla Mirch

Crispy and mildly sweet capsicum is a delicious addition to salads, spicy stir-fries, and sandwiches.

11. Cauliflower

Bengali Name: Phulkopi

Cauliflower is a star ingredient of Pav-bhaji, curries, and soups.

12. Peas

Bengali Name: Motor / Mator

Both dried and fresh peas ginger up the flavor of Biryani, and Bengali ghughni chaat.

13. Tomato

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali 3

Bengali Name: Toamaatar

High in vitamin C, K, potassium, and antioxidants, tomatoes fight with harmful free radicals in the body.

14. Onion

Bengali Name: Piyaz / Peyaj

Apart from using while frying, Indians relish raw onions as a side-salad with everyday meals.

15. Coriander

Bengali Name: Dhone Pata

Apart from garnishing, the spicy coriander chutney breaks the monotony of regular meals.

16. Garlic

Bengali Name: Rasun / Rashun

This spicy, pungent flavored garlic keeps chronic diseases like flu and cold at bay.

17. Chilli

Bengali Name: Kancha Lonka / Marich

This condiment gives a kick of spiciness to dishes.

18. Cabbage

Bengali Name: Bandhakopi

The powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, it is a boon for heart and digestive health.

19. Lemon

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali 4

Bengali Name: Lebur

The citrusy dressing of lemons juice pep up the taste of boring salads and Daal.

20. Ladyfinger

Bengali Name: Dherasa / Dharosh

The low-calorie ladyfinger taste great when fried.

21. Jackfruit

Bengali Name: Kanthal

This meat substitute jackfruit goes well in spicy curries and cutlet fillings.

22. Turnip

Bengali Name: Shalgom / Olkopi

Loaded with vitamins K, A, C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6, B2, it suppresses curb craving.

23. Pointed Gourd

Bengali Name: Potol

The mushy interior and crispy seeds of the gourd used in Curry and Bharwa recipes.

24. Ridge Gourd

Bengali Name: Titorai / Jhinga

Rich in Vitamin-C, fibers, zinc, iron, and magnesium, it is the frequently cooked veggie in India.

25. Sweet Potato

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali 5

Bengali Name: Mithia-Aloo / Mishthi Alu

This versatile potato with a mildly sweet flavor goes well in pudding and fajita recipes.

26. Cluster Beans

Bengali Name: Jhar sim / Gawar

Fresh beans are consumed after frying.

27. Taro Root

Bengali Name: Kochu

The starchy root vegetable is treated like potatoes and complements well with curry dishes.

28. Ginger

Bengali Name: Ada

The spicy zest with a sour note of ginger intensifies the flavor of tea, sauces, and curries.

29. Chickpea

Bengali Name: Motor Kalai / Chola

High in protein, fiber, and carbs, this legume food is excellent for a vegan diet.

30. Dill

Popular Vegetable Names in Bengali 6

Bengali Name: Shepu / Sowa

Both leaves and seeds of this herb used for flavoring food and pickles.

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