Popular Trees Name in Gujarati in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here’s an exclusive list of some popular Trees Name in Gujarati that’ll help you if you are a native of the Indian state of Gujarat!

Trees are an integral part of nature, stabilizing the ecological cycle, reducing air, and noise pollution while lending calming vibes in the surrounding. If you are native to Gujarat then this list of popular Trees Name in Gujarati will help you recognize them!

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Trees Name in Gujarati

1. Sacred Fig Tree / Bodhi / Peepal

Trees Name in Gujarati

Botanical Name: Ficus religiosa

Gujarati Name: Jari / Asvattha

Lord Buddha had attained enlightenment under the vicinity of this sacred tree.

2. Cedar Tree / Devdar

Botanical Name: Cedrus deodara

Gujarati Name: Devadar

This conifer tree offers an enchanting sight, thanks to its conical crown with droopy branches.

3. Java Plum Tree / Jamun

Botanical Name: Syzygium cumini

Gujarati Name: Kala Jambu

Sweet tarty plums change colors according to the degree of ripening from green, pink to purple.

4. Mango Tree / Aam

Botanical Name: Mangifera indica

Gujarati Name: Keri

Its leaves are used to decorate entrance during festivals.

5. Banyan Tree / Bargad

Trees Name in Gujarati 2

Botanical Name: Ficus benghalensis

Gujarati Name: Bar / Vad

Famous for its longevity, the tree trunk is tied with a cotton thread during Hindu’s Vat Savitri Puja.

6. Bamboo Tree / Baans

Botanical Name: Bambusoideae

Gujarati Name: Vaans

This fast-growing bamboo tree features resilient and durable stems that are hollow from inside.

7. Tamarind Tree / Imali

Botanical Name: Tamarindus indica

Gujarati Name: Amli

Growing against fern-like leaves, the pod fruit with tarty pulp is famous in all around world cuisine.

8. Teak Tree / Sagwan

Botanical Name: Tectona grandis

Gujarati Name: Saag

The durable timber of the teak tree is used in furniture and boat making.

9. Frangipani Tree / Champa

Trees Name in Gujarati 3

Botanical Name: Plumeria

Gujarati Name: Aholo Champo

Nothing like having a frangipani tree bearing a set of fragrant flowers at the backyard.

10. Drumstick Tree / Moonga

Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera

Gujarati Name: Midhosaragavo

The nutritious drumstick pods go well in curries.

11. Mast Tree / False Ashoka

Botanical Name: Polyalthia longifolia

Gujarati Name: Asopala

This tree is effective in reducing noise pollution.

12. Neem Tree

Botanical Name: Azadirachta indica

Gujarati Name: Dhanujhada / Limdo

The tree is used in various ways in India.

13. Grapes Tree / Angoor

Trees Name in Gujarati 4

Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera

Gujarati Name: Draksh

The luscious grapes of the tree have multiple uses in making raisins, wine, jelly, and jam.

14. Jujube Tree / Ber

Botanical Name: Ziziphus mauritiana

Gujarati Name: Bor

The tree has drooping and thorny branches, covered in alternate and ovate leaves.

15. Sandalwood Tree / Chandan

Botanical Name: Santalum album

Gujarati Name: Chandana

The soothing fragrance of the sandalwood wood is used in perfumery.

16. Indian Cork Tree / Akash Neem

Botanical Name: Millingtonia hortensis

Gujarati Name: Akash Limbdo

The bark of the tree is used for the yellow dye and as a cost-effective alternative for cork.

17. Royal Poinciana Tree / Gulmohar

Trees Name in Gujarati 5

Botanical Name: Delonix regia

Gujarati Name: Gulmohar

Orange blossoms add an instant pop of colors to the landscape.

18. Coconut Palm Tree / Nariyal

Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

Gujarati Name: Nariyel

The tree with a graceful crown of fronds bearing a cluster of coconuts is a head-turner.

19. Jackfruit Tree / Kathal

Botanical Name: Artocarpus heterophyllus

Gujarati Name: Phanas

The tree is famous for producing the largest-sized fruit with the roughly textured rind.

20. Flame of the Forest Tree/ Palaash

Botanical Name: Butea monosperma

Gujarati Name: Kesudo / Khakhro

The tree adds an appeal during summers as it is entirely covered with beak-like orange blooms.

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