Popular Flowers Names in Marathi

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Want to know more about the Indian blooms in Maharashtra’s native language? Here are some popular Flowers Names in Marathi!

With so many flowers around us, it can get quite tough to know the names of the ones we like in our native languague. To make it a little easy for you, we have compiled a list of the most popular Flowers Names in Marathi that’ll help you out if it’s your native language!

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Popular Flowers Names in Marathi

1. Hibiscus (Gudhal)

Flowers Names in Marathi

Marathi Name: Jaswand 

The combination of five petals with a pronounced pistil makes hibiscus an eye-catchy flower.

2. Morning Glory (Neelkalmi)

Marathi Name: Kaladana

Coming in an array of white, purple, blue, and pink colors the flower looks elegant.

3. Bougainvillea (Gaganbel)

Marathi Name: Booganvel 

Its tiny white flowers are surrounded by attractive bracts.

4. Lantana (Raimuniya)

Marathi Name: Ghaneri

Numerous color combination with a sharp floral note makes lantana stand out.

5. Aak Flower (Akaav)

Marathi Name: Mandara Rui

The flower features a crown-like ring and pointed petals flushed with a purple hue.

6. Coral Jasmine (Harsingar)

Marathi Name: Parijatak

Fragrant flowers with an orange tube set a floral carpet upon shedding.

7. Tuberose (Rajnigandha)

Flowers Names in Marathi 2

Marathi Name: Nishigandh

Thanks to its mesmerizing scent, waxy blooms are cherished for mesmerizing fragrance.

8. Rangoon Creeper (Madhumalti)

Marathi Name: Vilayati Chambeli / Rangunachavel

Madhumalti vine can be trained on arches and arbors.

9. Purslane (Lunia)

Marathi Name: Ghol

Purslanes are the best choices for spiller thriller filler container gardening.

10. Canna Lily (Devkel / Keli)

Marathi Name: Kardali

Coming in warm tones of red, orange, and yellow, canna lily adds an instant pop of colors in the gardens.

11. Oleander (Kaner)

Marathi Name: Kanher

The vivid blossoms of oleander reward gardeners with their year-round flowering.

12. Crepe Jasmine (Chandani)

Marathi Name: Tagar

The five-lobed flowers are offered to Hindu deities as reverence.

13. Butterfly Pea (Shankhpushpi)

Flowers Names in Marathi 3

Marathi Name: Gokarni 

Prized for its medicinal properties, the solid blue flowers act as a contrasting accent in the garden.

14. Periwinkle (Sadaabahar)

Marathi Name: Sadaphuli 

Available in the elegant shades of purple, pink to white, periwinkle is great fillers for ground beds.

15. Marigold (Genda)

Marathi Name: Jhendu

Pompom flowers of marigold with a sharp floral note are the charm of Indian auspicious functions.

16. Sunflower (Surajmukhi)

Marathi Name: Suryaphul

Showcasing cheerful yellow petals with a dark throat, the whole flower is composed of a set of florets.

17. Chrysanthemums (Gulbahaar)

Marathi Name: Shevanti

The petals of chrysanthemums are formed from ray florets.

18. Night Cestrum (Rat ki Rani)

Marathi Name: Raatrani

As the name suggests, the flower unfurls during night time, releasing an intoxicating floral scent.

19. Peacock Flower (Guletura)

Flowers Names in Marathi 4

Marathi Name: Shankasur / Gulmohar 

The orange blooms of Gulmohar with yellow markings are crowd favorite.

20. Rose (Gulab)

Marathi Name: Gulab

Roses elevate the visual of any gardens, thanks to their soft petals arranged in distinctive patterns.

21. Lotus (Kamal)

Marathi Name: Pandkanda / Kamal

Velvety lotus features overlapped petals on the airy stems.

22. Common Jasmine (Chameli)

Marathi Name: Jui / Jati Jai

Thanks to the heady fragrance of jasmine, it finds extensive uses in perfumery and attar.

23. Passion Flower (Krishnkamal)

Marathi Name: Ghani Vel / Krishnkamal

The purple-hued flower with an intrigue floral pattern serves as limelight in the landscape.

24. Pride of India (Jarul)

Flowers Names in Marathi 5

Marathi Name: Tamhan 

Designated as the state flower of Maharashtra, Taman unfolds only once during the peak summers.

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