6 Plants that Grow from Leaves | Plants that Reproduce from Leaves

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Are you an avid gardener looking for ways to propagate plants? Here’s an exclusive list of Plants that Grow from Leaves easily, without much of a fuss!

Here are the best Plants that Grow from Leaves that you can propagate easily in a small space using just a pot!

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Plants that Grow from Leaves

The method of growing plants from leaves is much more reliable than growing them through seeds, as it shows faster results.

1. Aloe Vera

It is a popular houseplant due to its various health and medicinal benefits. Although you can grow this plant from leaves, it has a low chance of developing roots. So, it is better to grow Aloe Vera plants from the offsets.

How to Grow 

Cut a leaf from a healthy and mature Aloe Vera plant. Keep it in a warm place until you can see a thin film forming over the cut surface. Once it is done, simply plant the leaf in a pot filled with a good quality potting mix. 

2. Jade Plant

Plants that Grow from Leaves 2

It is a type of succulent with small white and pink flowers. The plant is supposed to bring good luck and blessings to your households, and the beautiful flowers add an elegant touch to your house interiors!

How to Grow

Take leaves from a healthy Jade plant. Prepare a mixture of one part compost and one part soil into a small container. Plant the leaf carefully in the pot. Water according to the need until the roots start to appear.

3. Snake Plant

It is commonly used as an ornamental plant due to its beautiful green foliage with dark green stripes. The plant is also famous as it is quite hardy and can easily survive in low-light and drought conditions.

How to Grow 

Choose a healthy and disease-free leaf from a snake plant and cut it with the help of a sharp knife. Take a small amount of water in a container, just enough to cover the bottom of the leaf. Change the water every two days and keep the container in indirect sunlight. 

4. Begonia

Plants that Grow from Leaves 3

If you wish to grow some beautiful flowering plants in your garden, begonias are a great choice. These topical and subtropical natives can also be used as ornamental plants, which you can grow indoors in colder climates.

How to Grow 

It is quite tricky to propagate these plants from leaves. You will require a sharp knife and a cutting board for it. Once you have cut the leaves, prepare a potting mix by mixing half soil and half vermiculite or perlite.

Plant the leaves with a petiole side down into the mixture. Water sparingly, and leave the pot where it gets medium light.

5. African Violet

Plants that Grow from Leaves 4

These herbaceous perennial flowering plants make for a great addition to gardens. The beautiful violet flowers add a soothing touch to your home and garden!

How to Grow 

Take leaves from a healthy plant, cut the top with the help of a sharp knife, and also cut the petiole, making a 45° angle. Plant the leaf in a potting mix, water sparingly, and put the pot in bright, indirect sunlight. 

6. Cactus

Cactus is the best choice for growing in homes and gardens, as it is very-less demanding and really easy to maintain. Besides, it can be easily grown in any kind of climate due to its hardy nature.

How to Grow 

Propagating cactus plants is quite easy. All you need to do is take a cutting from a well-rooted plant and dry it for a day or two. Once dry, you can plant it in a small pot full of well-draining soil. 

Apart from the cactus plants, you can use this same process to grow other succulents as well. Yes! You can grow all kinds of succulents in your home using the same method!

It is easy to propagate these plants by using only a leaf. You just have to follow this simple method mentioned above and have these beautiful plants in your home! 

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