Most Popular Flower Names in Tamil

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Here is a detailed list of the most popular Flower Names in Tamil that’ll help you identify the name of your favorite flower in your native language!

If you are someone who hails from Southern India, then you must have had difficulty coming across a detailed guide that lists out the popular Flower Names in Tamil. Well, you have to worry no more as we bring you all the information you need in this article!

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Popular Flower Names in Tamil

1. Lotus (Kamal)

Flower Names in Tamil

Tamil Name: Tamarai

The velvety petals of the lotus are a joy to look at!

2. Canna Lily (Keli / Devkel)

Tamil Name: Kalvazhai

It adds a tropical accent in the garden with its warm yellow and orange colors with contrasting splotches.

3. Rose (Gulab)

Tamil Name: Roja

Roses offer an exclusive combination of color, size, and fragrance.

4. Plumeria (Champa)

Tamil Name: Nela sampangi

Fragrant plumeria with beautifully arranged white petals come with a pronounced yellow throat.

5. Arabian Jasmine (Mogra)

Tamil Name: Gundu Malli

These award-winning flowers emit a heavenly scent and repeatedly bloom year-round.

6. Aak Crown Flower (Aak / Akaav)

Tamil Name: Erukku

Wrapped in white to lavender hues, aak features tapering petals.

7. Coral Jasmine (Harsingar)

Flower Names in Tamil 2

Tamil Name: Pavizhamalli

The mesmerizing smell of jasmine is unmatched by any other plant!

8. Butterfly pea (Shankhpushpi)

Tamil Name: Kannikkodi / Sangu Poo

Touted for its medicinal properties, butterfly pea is a solid blue flower in a winged shape.

9. Purslane (Lonia)

Tamil Name: Paruppu Keerai

The dainty flowers on the burgundy stem appear in amazing shades of orange, red, pink, and yellow.

10. Passionflower (Krishnakamal)

Tamil Name: Siruppunaikkali

It not only adds visual to the landscape but it also aids in treating insomnia. You can learn how to grow it from here.

11. Balsam (Gulmehandi)

Tamil Name: Kasi Thumbai

Balsam comes in a variety of colors and adds up to the beauty of the lawn.

12. Spider Lily (Nagdamani)

Tamil Name: Narivenkayam / Vishamungil

Spider Lily’s petals gracefully curve downward giving it a very appealing look.

13. Bouganvillea (Ganan Bel)

Flower Names in Tamil 3

Tamil Name: Kagitha poo

One of the most popular flowers in Indian households, its charm never fades!

14. Rangoon Creeper (Madhu Malati)

Tamil Name: Irangun malli

The fragrant flowers in white, pink, and crimson can add a touch of color to your garden!

15. Lantana (Raimuniya)

Tamil Name: Unnichedi

Lantana comes in a wide spectrum of colors and you can pick the one you love!

16. Oleander (Kaner)

Tamil Name: Arali

Borne in terminal clusters, the trumpet-shaped oleander flowers liven up the gardens year-round.

17. Periwinkle (Sadabahar)

Tamil Name: Nithiya Kalyani

Periwinkle is a great choice for ground beds and borders.

18. Marigold (Genda)

Tamil Name: Thulukka Samanthi 

These pompom flowers play a starry role in religious and cultural functions.

19. Crepe Jasmine (Chameli)

Flower Names in Tamil 4

Tamil Name: Nandiar Vattai

The waxy and starry crepe jasmine bloom all year-round.

20. Sunflower (Surajmukhi)

Tamil Name: Suryakaanti

The bright-colored sunflower, with its big size and shape, is a head turner!

21. Chrysanthemum (Gulbahaar)

Tamil Name: Saamandi

The individual florets of chrysanthemum render a very unique look to it!

22. Blue Sage (Gulsham)

Tamil Name: Neelamulli

Blue sage will make you fall in love with its beautiful shade of blue!

23. Blue Morning Glory (Neelkalmi)

Tamil Name: Kotikkakkattan

The beauty of morning glory unfolds as the sun rays fall over it.

24. Indrayan

Flower Names in Tamil 5

Tamil Name: Kurattai

The star-shaped flower with a unique texture is one of a kind!

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