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Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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If you want to go the desi way for displaying your green friends, then we have some fabulous Matki Decoration for Planting Plant ideas for you!

Desi style never goes out of fashion and if you want an organic way to display plants in your house and garden, then check out these cool Matki Decoration for Planting Plant ideas!

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Matki Decoration for Planting Plant

1. Earthern Pots with Colorful Paints

2. Matki Studded with Colorful Glass and Plastic Pieces

3. Colorful Hand Painted Matki Decoration


4. Mini Hanging Matki for Trailing Plant


5. Brightly Colored Matkis for Houseplants

6. Matkis for Cut Flowers

7. Pothos in Silver Matki


 8. Cute Little Matkis for Cacti


9. Glossy Matki Decoration for Variegated Plants


10.  Earthern Matki for Balcony Plants

11. Tiny Matki for a Small Plant

12. Jade Plant in a Green Matki


13. Handpainted Matki Decoration for Indoor Plant


14. Red Matki  Planter for Coffee Tables


15. Earthern Blue Matki for Flowers

16. Paani Ka Matka for Moss Rose


17. Suraahi and Matki

18. Handpainted Mini Matki Decoration for Aloe


19. Colorful Matki for Pothos


20. Matkis for Trailing Succulents


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