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Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Lucky Bamboo Benefits are not just limited to attracting money and good luck but it also comes with many other advantages! Let’s have a look at them all!

Lucky Bamboo Benefits

Here are some Lucky Bamboo Benefits that will surely make you add this versatile plant to your home and office. It also looks good and is really easy to maintain!

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Lucky Bamboo Plant Benefits


1. Easy to Maintain

Lucky bamboo is one of the easiest to grow plants and can thrive both in water and soil. Surprisingly, this perennial can even grow in a low-lit area.

2. Brings Good Luck

According to Feng Shui, this plant brings good luck to its owner by attracting peace and harmony. For best results, buy a plant with straight and upright stems.

3. Comes in Variable Sizes

This plant comes in variable sizes which makes it easy to keep anywhere. Tall varieties can be a great addition to living rooms, while the small ones can be kept at desks and tables.

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4. Purifies Indoor Air

Like every other houseplant, lucky bamboo cleanses the air and works as a natural disinfectant. It is one of the best health benefits of a lucky bamboo plant, which will surely tempt you to add it to your room.

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Significance of Number of Stalks in Lucky Bamboo

People gift lucky bamboo with the different numbers of stalks. As each combination represents different meanings.

  • Two stalks symbolize love.
  • Five stalks represent five different symbols – intuitive, emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental well-being.
  • Six stalks represent prosperity and abundant riches.
  • Eight stalks are the symbol of the business as well as personal growth.
  • Nine stalks are the emblem of greatest luck.
  • A bundle of 10 stalks represents fondness for perfection.
  • A set of 21 stems denotes powerful blessings.

Note: People avoid gifting a bundle of four stalks, as it represents death and insult.

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