List of the Most Popular Fruits Name in Urdu

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here is a list of the most Popular Fruits Name in Urdu that will help you to know more about one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Primarily spoken in Pakistan and Indian administered Kashmir, Urdu is the 11th most spoken language in the world. The grammar and the vocab of the language have been influenced by the Persian literature, but it somehow feels reminiscent of Hindi upon speaking. Here is an exclusive list of the Most Popular Fruits Name in Urdu!

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Popular Fruits Name in Urdu

1. Sapodilla

Fruits Name in Urdu

Urdu Name: Chikoo

It can be fused with other flavorsome fruits to blend into a smoothie.

2. Apricot

Urdu Name: Khoobani

Rich in Vitamin-A, C, and fibers, apricots consumption keep eyesight and cholesterol level in check.

3. Blueberry

Urdu Name: Neelabadari / Neela Bair

Blueberries taste best in mocktails, muffins, and jams.

4. Apple

Urdu Name: Saib

The crispy and sweet-tarty blending flavor of apple is best to beat hunger pangs.

5. Guava

Urdu Name: Amrood

Touted for its countless health benefits, guavas slices sprinkled with salt are a true delight.

6. Grapes

Urdu Name: Angoor

Refreshing fruit bowl and custards are incomplete without the addition of luscious grapes.

7. Sweet Lime

Fruits Name in Urdu 2

Urdu Name: Musambi

Nothing can be as revitalizing as a chilled glass of sweet lime juice sparked with salt and lemon dressing.

8. Watermelon

Urdu Name: Tarbooz

Watermelons are not just summer treat for the tastebuds but also aids in weight loss.

9. Raspberry

Urdu Name: Ras Bhari

Loaded with iron, vitamin C, and antioxidants, raspberries are a must for icecream and dessert toppings.

10. Avocado

Urdu Name: Magar Nashpati

Also called as ‘Makhan phal’, due to its buttery texture, the fruit is actually a large berry with a single seed.

11. Banana

Urdu Name: Kaylaa / Kela

Delectable chunks of bananas fused in the milk is a nutritious snack to kick start your day.

12. Cherry

Urdu Name: Cherry / Shah dana

The sumptuous topping of sweet-tangy cherries on desserts imparts visual and palatability both.

13. Fig

Fruits Name in Urdu 3

Urdu Name: Anjeer / Injeer

Aids in weight loss while keeping sugar and cholesterol levels in check.

14. Cantaloupe

Urdu Name: Garma

Nothing like having a slice of hydrating and sweet cantaloupe during the scorching summers.

15. Coconut

Urdu Name: Naariyal

Whether its the coconut water or coconut-derived chutneys, both are devoured by everyone.

16. Blackberry

Urdu Name: Jaaman

The sheen deep purple blackberries feature tarty to sweet flavor with an earthy undertone.

17. Orange

Urdu Name: Naranghi / Maalta

The zesty orange can be paired with sugar or jaggery to blend into an energy-boosting smoothie.

18. Pineapple

Urdu Name: Anannaas

Wrapped in a pinelike rind, the fruity flesh of pineapple sparkles the juices, beverages, and smoothies.

19. Pear

Fruits Name in Urdu 4

Urdu Name: Nashpati

Combine the goodness of pears with walnuts and yogurt to relish this delectable recipe.

20. Peach

Urdu Name: Aaroo / Aarhu

It has low fats and cholesterol levels and tastes great in salads too!

21. Gooseberry

Urdu Name: Aamla

Pride of the Indian kitchens, gooseberries play a starring role in the preparation of Murabba.

22. Plum

Urdu Name: Aloochaa / Aloo Bukharah

High in vitamins A, B1, K, C, plums can be paired with vinegar brine for pickle preparation.

23. Raisin

Urdu Name: Kashish / Kishmish

Thanks to their natural sugary flavor, these are sprinkled on kheer for imparting extra flavors.

24. Lemon

Urdu Name: Leemoon / Neeboo

Spanning from savory dishes to salads, the lemon seasoning is cherished in every cuisine.

25. Passion fruit

Fruits Name in Urdu 5

Urdu Name: Gul-E-Salibi

This tropical fruit is hailed for imparting palatability to confectionery, icing, and ice-cream.

26. Tamarind

Urdu Name: Imli

The tarty tang of tamarind chutney is used as side-dressing for Indian street food chaat and fritters.

27. Jujube

Urdu Name: Ber

Relish it straight out of hand or prepare its gelatin-free vegan special delicacy, the choice is yours!

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