35 Best Krishna Tattoo Ideas

Last Updated: 29.03.2024
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What better way to get closer to God than a lovely ink? We’ve got the Best Krishna Tattoo Ideas you can copy!

People love to get tattoos of Gods to show their devotion. You should also try it out with a Krishna Tattoo. Here are great designs we know you’ll like. 

Krishna Tattoo Designs

1. Mystic Mantra Design

Krishna Tattoo

2. Baby Kanha Tattoo

3. Lord Krishna with Flute

Krishna Tattoo

4. Shyam Tattoo in Blue

5. Krishna Tribute

Krishna Tattoo
Krsna Tattoo

A tribute tattoo of Lord Krishna with the Sudarshan chakra, his flute, and a Mor Pankh for inner peace and devotion. 

6. Flute of Harmony

7. Krishna Playing a Flute

Krishna Tattoo


Here’s a small tattoo of Krishna playing the flute on the chest for everyone to see and be amazed by. 

8. Lord Krishna Ink Idea 

9. Peacock Feather Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

A simple peacock feather in remembrance of Lord Krishna. According to mythology, it was a gift from the Peacock King. 

10. Sudarshan Chakra Ink

11. Krishna Black and White Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

This Radhe Radhe tattoo idea with Lord Krishna proves you don’t need colors to make a great tattoo. 

12. Krishna Tattoo with Kaliya Nag


This iconic tattoo of the story where Lord Krishna tamed the mighty serpent Kaliya Nag is a sight to behold. 

13. Colorful Krishna Body Art

Krishna Tattoo


Look at this vibrant ink of Lord Krishna on the hand with his signature flute and Mor Pankh. 

14. Hans Hari Tattoo


In this one, Lord Krishna is seen playing the flute for a graceful swan (हंस). Pretty, right? 

15. Hare Krishna Devotion Ink

Krishna Tattoo


You can also go with this Hare Krishna mantra–this simple and heartfelt name tattoo is dedicated to the divine chant “हरे कृष्णा.”

16. Dwarikadhish Tattoo for Krishna

Here’s a similar one with the chant “जय द्वारकाधीश,” along with the flute, the Mor Pankh, and Krishan Ji’s face. 

17. Young Krishna Portrait Ink

Krishna Tattoo

You’ve seen mostly black and white ones but this colored ink of a young Lord Krishna proves how pretty these tattoos are. 

18. Radha Krishna Tattoo

How can we forget Radha when we’re talking about Krishna? Here’s one that depicts the bond between the two. 

19. Krishna on Lotus

Krishna Tattoo
Akarma Tattoo

A great idea for a tattoo of Lord Krishna is his depiction of sitting on a Lotus. It looks magnificent. 

20. Colored Mor Pankh Tattoo

Here’s another colored Mor Pankh tattoo idea that is a nod to Lord Krishna. The colors make it way better. 

21. Little Laddoo Gopal

Krishna Tattoo
Ink world tattooz

If you’re going for something cute, why not pick this Laddoo Gopal idea of Krishan Ji eating makhan? 

22. Traditional Radha Krishna

You can also go with a Radha Krishna pair on the forearm. Look at the attention to detail in this one!

23. Divine Dance of Ras Leela

Krishna Tattoo

24. Krishna Mantra on Collarbone

25. Little Kanha Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

26. Soulful Krishna Playing Flute

Ripz Tattoo & Piercing

If you’re looking for something bold, you can go with a massive back piece like this one.

27. Radhaji Playing Flute with Krishna

Krishna Tattoo

Here’s another enchanting ink of Radha Krishna playing the flute together. Truly a masterpiece. 

27. Classic Krishna Figure 

Krishna Tattoo

Simple inks are always best, but with Lord Krishna’s poses, there’s nothing simple. Just like this one. 

28. Baal Krishna Body Art

Coco Sparkle Ink

Here’s a charming and pretty little body art of a Bal Krishna cartoon playing the flute. 

29. Creative Hari Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

This creative ink showcases Lord Krishna’s legs, flute, and the Mor Pankh. Notice how his feet are still like the classic pose? 

30. Krishna Chakra Ink Idea


Here’s a more detailed and refined ink idea of Krishna’s hand wielding the Sudharshan chakra. 

31. Warrior Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra

Krishna Tattoo

32. Radha-Krishna Tattoo

A brilliant tattoo that shows the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. It looks just like a sketch. 

33. Krishna Bracelet Idea

Krishna Tattoo

Band tattoos are all the craze these days, so why not get a band with Lord Krishna’s silhouette? 

34. Krishna on Mor Pankh

35. Krishna Tattoo in Watercolor

Krishna Tattoo

These watercolor splashes make this tattoo that much better, don’t you think? 

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  1. Absolutely mesmerizing! These Krishna tattoo ideas are incredibly captivating and meaningful. Each design beautifully captures the essence of devotion and spirituality. Truly inspiring collection! 🙏✨ #KrishnaTattoo #InkInspiration


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