35 Best Krishna Tattoo Ideas

Last Updated: 24.01.2024
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These Krishna Tattoo Ideas will surely make you get the lord inked on your skin! Get inspired and pick the best one from the list!

Let’s get into the world of Krishna tattoo—where art meets spirituality. Each tattoo tells a unique story, adding grace and meaning to the canvas of the body.

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Krishna Tattoo Designs

1. Mystic Mantra

Krishna Tattoo

A tattoo with an ancient mantra, harmonizing wisdom and protection, whispers timeless spirituality in every inked line.

2. Baby Kanha Tattoo

The playful charm of Baby Krishna with Makhan, a tattoo that radiates innocence and delight, capturing the essence of divine mischief.

3. Lord Krishna with Flute

Krishna Tattoo

A simple Krishna outline tattoo with a flute, embodying tranquil melodies and divine connection in a subtle design

4. Shyam Tattoo in Blue

Experience serenity with a blue-colored Krishna, embodying the calm essence of spirituality.

5. Graceful Krishna Trio

Celebrate divine harmony with a tattoo featuring the flute, chakra, and morpankh, symbolizing spiritual grace and inner equilibrium.

6. Flute of Harmony

Capture the beauty of simplicity with a Krishna outline subtly complemented by a colored morpankh.

7. Divine Glow in Orange

Here is the divine glow in a tattoo with an orange-colored morpankh, radiating warmth and spirituality.

8. Miniature Divine Touch

Capture divinity in a tiny tattoo, where simplicity meets profound spirituality in every delicate detail.

9. Peacock Feather Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

Design Peacock Feather Tattoo, blending nature’s beauty with divine symbolism in a graceful union.

10. Krishna Chakra Tattoo

Discover the profound meaning within a Krishna Chakra Tattoo, symbolizing cosmic balance and spiritual harmony through a simple yet powerful design.

11. Krishna in Black and White with a Touch of Peacock Color

Discover simplicity and grace in a tattoo, where black and white meets the vibrant hues of a peacock feather.

12. Krishna Tattoowith Kaliya Nag

Witness the iconic moment as Krishna tames the mighty serpent Kaliya Nag in this symbolic and intricate tattoo.

13. Colorful Krishna Artistry

Capture the harmonious blend of spirituality and vibrancy with this tattoo featuring a mix of blue and orange hues.

14. Hans Hari Tattoo

Capture the essence of peace as Lord Krishna is adorned with the symbol of a graceful swan (hans) in this serene and meaningful tattoo.

15. Hare Krishna Devotion Ink

Take up the spirituality of the Hare Krishna mantra with this simple and heartfelt name tattoo dedicated to the divine chant.

16. Dwarikadhish Harmony Tattoo

Celebrate the divine melody with this portrayal of Lord Krishna, featuring a flute and feather.

17. Young Krishna with Full of Colors

Krishna Tattoo

Capture the lively spirit of Lord Krishna with this colorful depiction.

18. Radha Krishna Love Bond Tattoo

Hold the essence of love with this intimate portrayal of Radha and Krishna.

19. Krishna on Lotus

Experience serenity with this blue-hued Krishna seated gracefully on a lotus.

20. 3D Colored Morpankh Tattoo

Enjoy your ink game with a three-dimensional Kanha tattoo featuring vibrant morpankh.

21. Little Laddoo Gopal with Colored Feather Tattoo

Cuddle the sweetness with a small Laddoo Gopal tattoo along with colorful feathers.

22. Traditional Krishna Radha Tattoo

Capture the timeless love of Radha and Krishna with a traditional and classic tattoo design.

23. Divine Dance of Ras Leela

Krishna Tattoo

Express your devotion to Lord Krishna and passion for music in a subtle with heartfelt manner with this discreet artwork.

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24. Krishna Mantra on Neck

Carry the divine energy with a Hari mantra tattoo on your neck, featuring Om and the essence of Sathiya

25. Little Kanha Tattoo with Colored Ornaments

Krishna Tattoo

Embrace innocence and charm with a little Kanha tattoo adorned with colorful ornaments.

26. Soulful Krishna Playing Flute

Dive into the soulful aura as Krishna plays the flute, expressing inner harmony and musicality.

27. Radhaji Playing Flute with Krishna

Capture the enchanting moment of Radha playing the flute alongside Krishna, symbolizing divine love in melody.

27. Classic Black and White Tattoo

Enjoy the classic beauty of a black and white Kanha tattoo that captures the divine spirit in a simple way.

28. Baby Colored Krishna Playing Flute

Cherish the innocence of a colored baby Krishna playing the flute, adding a touch of joy and charm to your ink.

29. Creative Hari Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

Explore your creativity with a Shyam tattoo showcasing the flute, feather, and his legs, symbolizing various facets of divinity.

30. Krishna Chakra Tattoo on Hands

Adorn your hands with a Krishna chakra tattoo, embodying the power and symbolism of Lord Krishna.

31. Warrior Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra

Krishna Tattoo

Capture the intensity of Lord Krishna’s emotions with an angry Krishna complemented by colored feathers along with Dhanush and Chakra in Hands.

32. Radha-Krishna Eternal Bond

Celebrate the eternal love of Radha and Krishna through a beautiful tattoo that narrates their divine romance.

33. Krishna Bracelet Tattoo

Hold the symbolism of Lord Krishna’s bracelet with a chic and meaningful tattoo adorning your skin.

34. Krishna with Ruby Crown

Add creative charm to your tattoo collection with Kanha on colorful peacock feather, adorned with a beautiful ruby-studded crown.

35. Lively Shyam Tattoo

Krishna Tattoo

Enjoy the lively colors with a Shyam tattoo, capturing the vibrant essence of the divine lord.

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