Popular Kashmiri Flower Names

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Kashmir is not only famous for its beauty but also for the sweetness of its languague. Here are some of the most popular Kashmiri Flower Names!

Kashmir is called ‘paradise on earth‘, thanks to its snow-clad mountains, sublime beauty, and rich flora & fauna. Not just the place, but also the Kashmiri language, spoken by the locals, is an interesting amalgam of Sanskrit and Persian. If you too would like to know more about the languague, here is a list of some popular Kashmiri Flower Names!

Popular Kashmiri Flower Names

1. Hyacinths

Kashmiri Flower Names

Kashmiri Name: Sumbal

Coming in a multitude of shades, the starry flowers with curved petals appear in dense clusters.

2. Narcissus

Kashmiri Name: Yemberzal

White and yellow flowers with mesmerizing fragrance are the pride of snowy valleys of Kashmir.

3. Periwinkle

Kashmiri Name: Sadabahaar

Pink, white, and lavender periwinkles are exquisite fillers for the ground beds.

4. Kashmiri Rose

Kashmiri Name: Kashmiri Gulaab

Its cashmere textural flowers, with soothing fragrance, are prized all across the country.

5. Kashmir Iris

Kashmiri Flower Names 2

Kashmiri Name: Safed Mazarmond

Appearing in blue, lilac, and lavender shades, Kashmir iris twofold the beauty of the valley.

6. Himalayan Indigo

Kashmiri Name: Kshudrakshupabhedaha / Kanhchu

Coming in elegant shades of pink, purple, and lilac, it repeatedly blooms from summer to fall.

7. Jasmine

Kashmiri Name: Hee Posh

Thanks to the delightful fragrance of Jasmine, it is extensively used in attar and perfumery.

8. Marigold

Kashmiri Name: Jaffer

Ranging from red, yellow, to orange, marigold is widely used in Indian cultural function decorations.

9. Sunflower

Kashmiri Flower Names 3

Kashmiri Name: Gule Aftab / Gule Akhtab

Mirroring the movements of the sun, sunflowers bring instant gratification in the landscape.

10. Belladonna

Kashmiri Name: Sagangur

Belladonna features bell-shaped drooping blooms that are highly toxic.

11. Dandelion

Kashmiri Name: Handri

Appearing solitary on the stalks, its flower head is formed of a set of the ray florets.

12. Nilofer

Kashmiri Name: Brimposh

Gracefully growing in the lakes of the Kashmir, Nilofer features white petals with yellow stamens.

13. Indrajao

Kashmiri Flower Names 4

Kashmiri Name: Andusurun

The flower features five rounded petals that are initially white but eventually turn yellow.

14. Saffron

Kashmiri Name: Kang Posh

Thanks to the flavorful yellowish stigma of this flower, it is used as a condiment in kitchens.

15. Lotus

Kashmiri Name: Pamposh

The state flower of Jammu & Kashmir, lotus features velvety petals with an intrigue floral pattern.

16. Mallow

Kashmiri Name: Sotsal

Mallow appears in a delightful shade of pink and is underlined with dark stripes.

17. Hollyhock

Kashmiri Flower Names 5

Kashmiri Name: Saza Posh

Coming in an array of colors, the cup-like flowers look spectacular on the long spikes.

18. Guelder Rose

Kashmiri Name: Dastaar Posh

The Snow-white flowers add a touch of elegance to the landscape.

19. Amarnath

Kashmiri Name: Mawalin

Chiefly cultivated for culinary uses, the plant bears clustered flowers during summer and fall.

20. Jimsonweed

Kashmiri Name: Daturea

Bell-shaped flower in white to lavender color grows solitary on the leaf axile during summers.

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