10 Best Indian Gardening Channels on YouTube

Last Updated: 19.10.2023
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Here are some of the Best Indian Gardening Channels on YouTube that’ll definitely be going to inspire the hidden gardener in you!

Watching gardening videos is the coolest way to explore plant-growing hacks and find solutions to your existing gardener problems. Youtube is a popular platform where you can learn from talented and experienced gardeners in India. Do you want to know them? Continue reading and check out the best Indian Gardening Channels on YouTube!

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Best Indian Gardening Channels on YouTube

1. Home Garden

Youtube Channel: Home Garden

Home Garden is where Ravindra, a talented gardener, shares helpful videos about organic gardening, reviewing seeds and fertilizers. Ravi created this channel in 2016 and has uploaded over 441 videos on a wide range of topics related to gardening.

2. Garden Up

Youtube Channel: Garden Up

Garden Up is the most-sought after resource for people interested in urban gardening. Founded by Ekta, a researcher, and entrepreneur based in Mumbai. Garden Up is your go-to place for learning about gardening basics, indoor plants and DIY ideas to spruce up your living space with elegant plants.

3. Container Gardening

Youtube Channel: Container Gardening

This awesome channel is dedicated to container gardening. Here Aayush shares useful tips regarding growing plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables in pots. The purpose of the Container Gardening channel is to help people living in metro cities learn and embrace gardening.

4. Gardening is My Passion

Youtube Channel: Gardening is My Passion

This channel is one of the leading gardening channels in India with over 600k subscribers. Here Dr.Surja Prakash Agarwala, based in West Bengal shares helpful gardening tips and how one can control pests, diseases in plants. He recently launched a Hindi version of his channel, you can check it out here.

5. Urban Gardening

Youtube Channel: Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening is one of the most popular gardening channels among budding gardeners. This channel is run by Mohit Kumar, a master gardener with over 18 years of experience. If you are just getting started with gardening, Urban Gardening will turn out to be your savior with Mohit’s beginner-friendly videos.

6. Kitchen Gardening

Youtube Channel: Kitchen Gardening

Kitchen Gardening is a 7-year-old channel with over 885k subscribers. In this channel Izhar Ahmed, a professional gardener creates educative content about growing and taking care of plants. He also shares useful DIY hacks to make gardening more fun and rewarding.

7. Prakriti’s Garden

Youtube Channel: Prakriti’s Garden

Prakriti’s Garden is an emerging Youtube channel that started in 2017 by Reshma. She is a plant enthusiast and holds a master’s degree in Agriculture, Plant Breeding, and Genetics. Her purpose is to make gardening easy and accessible to everyone and shares different ways to easily grow flowers, vegetables, and fruits at home.

8. Fun Gardening

Youtube Channel: Fun Gardening

Fun Gardening is where you can find Monika sharing her terrace and balcony gardening experiences. She creates videos on a wide range of topics like germinating seeds, taking the right care of plants, and a lot of helpful gardening hacks.

9. Khushi’s Balcony Garden

Youtube Channel: Khushi’s Balcony Garden

Make your living space greener with Khushi’s amazing balcony gardening tips! Her channel is popular among gardeners living in metro cities and who love to adorn their balconies with colorful flowers. She recently started a new channel “Plants with Khushi” where you can find gardening and daily vlogs.

10. Terrace Garden Channel

Youtube Channel: Terrace Garden Channel

This Youtube channel can be your go-to-resource to learn everything about terrace gardening. Along with basic gardening tips, hacks, and plant care videos, you can check out seeds, fertilizer, and succulent reviews.

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  1. You have missed one top channel – Shashi N Gautam Kitchen gardeners. They are providing science based gardening information since 2017.


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