How to Water Air Plants | Watering Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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It is essential to know How to Water Air Plants in order to keep them happy and thriving. Here are some great tips and tricks to help you out!

How to Water Air Plants

If you want to know How to Water Air Plants, then it is essential to understand the fact that they are different from the other houseplants and you have to be careful when it comes to their watering needs. Let’s understand all that in detail below.

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What are Air Plants?

Tillandsias are epiphytes, meaning, they grow by clinging onto other plants, trees, or even rocks. They do not require any specific soil or another growing medium to thrive and fulfill their nutrient requirements by absorbing the surrounding moisture and its minerals.

Unlike other plants, they do not absorb moisture from the roots but do it via their permeable leaves.

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Which Water to Use for Air Plants?

Water contains some amount of minerals, and therefore air plant obtains nutrients from it. These plants absorb water from the leaves instead of roots.

Rainwater, lake water, or well water work wonders for the air plant, as they consist of some amount of minerals or nutrients. It is advised to avoid the use of distilled or filtered water as they have negligible nutrients.

Also, avoid using chlorinated water, as an excess of minerals can also be harmful sometimes. Besides, these plants prefer slightly acidic water, with a  pH range of 5.5-6.

How to Water Air Plants

  • Take the plant out of the planter and soak it in a bowl of water for 3-5 minutes once in 12-16 days.
  • During summers, do it once a week and once in three weeks in winters.
  • Once you are done with soaking, take the plant out of the bowl and shake it to discard excess water.
  • Make sure you are not keeping it in direct sunlight after watering.
  • You can also mist the air plant once in 7-10 days using a sprayer bottle.

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