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Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Learn all the tips and tricks on How To Take Care of Succulent Plants the right way in order to keep them thriving for a long time to come!

How To Take Care of Succulent Plants

Featuring fleshy leaves and thick stems, succulents are extraordinary plants that can adorn the look of any living space. They are drought-tolerant and come in a wide range of colors and shapes. Though these plants are less-demanding, you still need to look after them the right way and encourage healthy growth. Here’s everything you need to know on How To Take Care of Succulent Plants! 

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How To Take Care of Succulent Plants

1. Choose the Right Soil

Succulents thrive best in well-draining soil that’s rich in micronutrients. Choose a high-quality succulent mix for growing these desert plants properly. You can also prepare at home by mixing well two parts of garden soil with one part of gravel, perlite, and cocopeat each.

2. Rotate the Plants

Rotating succulent regularly is a brilliant way to provide equal sun exposure. It will help them remain colorful and upright.

3. Water Infrequently

How To Take Care of Succulent Plants

Overwatering is the number one reason behind the death of succulents. Being drought-tolerant, there is no need to water succulents regularly, water only when the soil completely dries out.

4. Clean Regularly

Succulents can gather dust on leaves and spines over time that can affect their look and growth. That’s why it important to wipe off the dust with a cotton ball. Use a soft paintbrush to clean hard to reach areas like cactus spines.

5. Use a Pot with Good Drainage

Succulents can’t withstand water for a long period of time as it causes root rot. Plant them in a pot with sufficient drainage holes to allow the excess water to escape the pot. Also, use a small container for root bounding; an ideal condition for succulents that prevents root rot.

6. Pick a Sunny Location

Succulents are sun-loving plants, so keep them in a location where they can get 3-5 hours of bright, indirect sunlight. The ideal location can be a window sill or a well-lit balcony.

7. Water the Soil Directly

Unlike other houseplants, succulents don’t need misting as it causes the molding of leaves. Always water the soil and avoid watering on the leaves of the plant.

8. Fertilize Regularly

How To Take Care of Succulent Plants 3

It is best to fertilize them once in 2-3 months with a balanced fertilizer. It will encourage growth and brighten up the look of the succulents.

9. Maintain Good Air Circulation

Air-circulation is a must for succulents as it prevents condensation on the leaf surfaces and protects them from root rot and fungal infections. You can improve the air circulation by maintaining ventilation, installing the right exhaust system, and keeping the succulents near a fan.

10. Eliminate Pests

Mealybugs, scales, aphids, spider mites, whiteflies, and gnats are common pests that can harm your succulent. Use succulent pesticide or soapy water to get rid of them in the first place.

11. Take Them Outside

Keep your succulents in the balcony or terrace for one-two hours, so they can enjoy sunlight and thrive well. Make sure they don’t stay in direct sun for so long, as it can burn their leaves.

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