How to Sell Aloe Vera Leaves in India

Last Updated: 18.10.2023
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Are you planning to grow Aloe vera in your yard or small farm and looking for How to Sell Aloe Vera Leaves in India? This article will help you!

What is Aloe Vera?


Aloe Vera is from the aloe genus with fleshy and thick leaves. They are majorly cultivated in arid, tropical, and subtropical regions. Thanks to its medicinal and healing properties, this succulent is the pride of many Indian gardens. What makes this plant high in demand, is its sap or gel that is found in its fleshy leaves. This sap is processed further to prepare medicinal and beauty products. Let’s have a detailed look at How to Sell Aloe Vera Leaves in India!

How to Sell Aloe Vera Leaves in India?


If you have cultivated aloe vera in your garden or doing its mini farming, then you might be curious to know how and where to sell aloe vera leaves in India. There are many sectors in India, like the cosmetic industry, juice manufacturing, research organizations, and Ayurveda companies that are showing great interest in purchasing bulk aloe vera leaves. But, do ensure one thing while planning to sell its leaves, that the dealer and suppliers only prefer bulk quantity of aloe vera. So if you have little produce, then it might not work.

There are several ways through which you can sell your aloe vera leaves for commercial trading. After doing detailed research, we have jotted down some feasible options that you can try out!

  • Companies like Dabur, Ayur, Patanjali Ayurveda, Vitromed Health Care, Bright Lifecare, Kapiva Ayurved, Himalaya, and many other pharma companies show high interest in its bulk purchase. Still, they are not open to everyone and already have tie-ups with particular farmers. So you need to make some tie-up with local vendors and local manufacturing units initially.
  • A farming associated organization from Jaipur named HCMS is an excellent platform for selling bulk aloe vera leaves in India. Click here to refer to its portal.
  • You can also start at the basic level by posting about your aloe farming on social media platforms and making connections with appropriate buyers and vendors throughout the country.
  • You can even opt for options like contract farming, where you can request a proposal to pharma companies, like going through this Patanjali contract farming portal, you can send a request.
  • Talking about the popular local markets, Neemach and Mandsour in MP are the epicenter for its marketing.
  • There are some international trading portals also available that you can consider for trading aloe vera leaves commercially. Some of them you can try are:
  1. Go4worldbusiness
  2. Exportportal
  3. Infodriveindia
  4. Indiamart

Aloe Vera Selling Price in India

The rate of aloe vera in bulk can vary depending upon different factors. Make sure you negotiate well before finalizing a trade with any wholesaler or buyer. The average price for aloe vera leaves can vary from 5 to 15 Rs. per kg. While per Ton, it can be up to Rs. 10,000 to 15,000.

Bottom Line: Many YouTubers and vloggers can misguide you regarding its selling cost in India and the buyer details. So, be aware and careful before coming to any conclusion.

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  8. 40 acre cultivation from tamilnadu.Cost of freight to be negotiated.Bearable duration of consignment to reach the buyer.


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