How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Last Updated: 18.10.2023

Do you have limited space in your yard? You can make the best use of it by learning How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger here!

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

Owning a small garden is a rewarding experience. But, due to limited space, most gardeners get confused about what to use and what not to, so that their garden wouldn’t look cluttered. Here are some great tips on How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger to make the best use of all the space you have.

Ideas to How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger

1. The Right Layout

The short space requires clever planning. Create a sophisticated layout by allotting places for a sitting area, pots arrangement, and a walkway. A small winding path adds a bit of drama to any garden.

2. Vertical Gardening

It is one of the modern approaches for organized gardening, where multiple plants like succulents, herbs, and or even veggies are grown in a vertical wall planter, rack, or shelf.

3. Go for Container Gardening

Use containers instead of ground-beds. Also, go for slender plants with evergreen foliage over the ones that spread horizontally. Use plants with different textures in pots for a contrasting accent.

4. Use Bold Backdrop

Effective backdrop not only complements green elements of the garden but also gives out an illusion of a larger dimension. Prefer a dark backdrop in one of the directions to enhance the visual appeal.

5. Play with Color of Pots

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 2

Use different colored pots to add visual appeal. Also, use blue pots for borders, instead of orange and red, as the blue shade recedes to the viewer, giving a feel of an expanded area.

6. Arrangement of the Plants

The arrangement of the plant plays a vital role in sprucing up the garden’s look. Always arrange taller plants close to the borders and low growing smaller plants on their verge.

7. Divide the Zones if Possible

You can divide the garden into small zones for adding a bit of fun. Use a wooden trellis or freestanding walls for this purpose and make rooms for dining, vegetables, flowering, and succulents.

8. Paint the Surrounding Walls White

Thanks to its bright and soothing vibes, painting the garden walls with white makes the garden appear wide, open, and more peaceful. It also works as a contrasting background against plants and blooms.

9. Window Planter

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 3

If you have a window facing the garden area, you can use either windowsill or fix a window box for plants.

10. Hide Boundaries with Climbers and Creepers

Covering boundaries with creepers or climbers is the best way to make a garden appear bigger. The fences covered with catchy climbers like rose and jasmine give an impression of a broad area.

11. Use Towering and Hanging Pots

You can utilize the small space by towering pots without overcrowding it with multiple containers. Besides, using pots suspended from a tree or pillar enhances the visual of the small yards.

12. Choose the Flooring Wisely

How to Make a Small Garden Look Bigger 4

Use planks or boards that are more than 5-6 inches wide for flooring. If opting for tiles, go for large tiles, as they maintain the integrity in the garden.

13. Less is Good!

Embrace the mantra of ‘use only less and striking plants.’ Don’t clutter the garden with too much stuff leaving no room to walk around. Select plants and accessories carefully.

Some Dont’s

  1. Avoid using large trees and plants that require a lot of space to grow.
  2. Do not include too curved pathways or intricate design in the layout.
  3. Use only miniature plants in vertical gardening that don’t interfere with each other.

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