How to Make a Balcony Vertical Garden | 10 Best Ideas for Balcony Vertical Ideas

Last Updated: 23.01.2024

If you have a small space on your balcony and are a plant lover, here’s how to make a balcony vertical garden and the best ideas for you.

Best Ideas for Balcony Vertical Ideas

If you love growing plants and have limited space, never assume that a big yard is necessary to have a garden. If you are a plant lover, you can add greenery to your life with balcony vertical gardens.

How to Make a Balcony Vertical Garden?

To make a beautiful balcony vertical garden, you need a clean and welcoming environment for the plants and the best ideas to choose a design that appeals to your space. However, there are some crucial parameters to consider before growing the natural life on your balcony.

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Requirements to Make a Balcony Vertical Garden

The Greatest Vertical Balcony Ideas 2Choosing the Plant

The first thing to consider is what you should grow in your balcony vertical garden that suits your environment. Remember to choose the correct plants for the right season and climatic conditions.


The amount of sunlight your plant will need depends on the type and species. Some plants thrive in direct sunlight, while others grow well in the shade. Knowing the amount of sunlight your balcony gets daily and whether your plants need to be East or West facing is necessary.

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Shade and Protection

Rains, winters, or sun – before you make your balcony vertical garden, understand whether or not your plants will be able to brave the elements. If you find your balcony gets a lot of wind, try to provide proper shade to your garden and protection from the winds. It goes similarly with summers and rains too.


As you won’t be planting directly into the ground, it’s important to understand root size as well as plant size. Some plants can grow large and may become too large for the container. If this is the case, you may eventually be required to replant them in the ground to allow the roots to expand.

Best Ideas to Make a Balcony Vertical Garden

1. Hanging Wall Planters

Top Balcony Vertical Idea Sources

You can make your vertical garden look stunning with fresh and healthy herbs in your space. You can also choose a location where the morning sunlight can help these herbs to grow well. Get a tutorial here.

2. Vertical Picture Frame Planter

Top Balcony Vertical Idea Selection 1
Top Balcony Vertical Idea Selection 1

One interesting idea for your balcony vertical garden is to make it greener with a picture frame planter. It looks stunning and adds hang a wall planter. Get a step-by-step guide here.

3. Bamboo Trellis

The Amazing Vertical Balcony Ideas

Remember that the vertical balcony garden idea is easy. Compile together several pieces of bamboo to create an obelisk or rustic tuteur. Then train annual vines such as morning glories or black-eyed Susan vines up it for a beautiful look. Or get thrifty with long limbs salvaged from your yard. Read more here.

 4. Vertical Lettuce Planter


Learn about these 21 ideas to grow your lettuce for a balcony vertical garden. Grow them with minimal space and effort.

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5. DIY Succulent Vertical Garden

Top Balcony Vertical Idea Sources

You can plant succulents in the balcony vertical garden with landscape fabric and cactus potting mix. It would look lovely on a balcony wall. Explore a wide range of options for the succulent vertical garden here.

6. Ladder ShelvingThe Amazing Vertical Balcony Ideas 2

This is one of the super-simple ways to make a balcony vertical garden, lean an old ladder against the wall and use it as tiered shelving for plants. This can be an easy way with landscape timbers.

7. DIY Herb Planter

Top Balcony Vertical Idea Selection 2




You can make a balcony vertical garden with the DIY Herb planter. It can be easy to maintain and give a beautiful look if you use cedar boards and a few other items to develop it.

8. Tin Can Fence Garden

Top Balcony Vertical Idea Sources 1Spray-painted tin cans that can be one of the most sustainable and reusable options for your balcony. Read here to explore these ideas.

9. Hanging Garden for Apartment


The Greatest Vertical Balcony Ideas 1If you live in an apartment, every inch of space is precious to you, and having a vertical hanging garden like this can significantly add more planting space to your urban container garden.

10. Arrange Shelves to Keep Pots

Best Ideas for Balcony Vertical Ideas 1

Organize shelves strategically to neatly store your pots and create a calming look.

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