How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

If you are wondering How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties, then we have a great article for you with all the information you need!

How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties

The best thing about small and cute Tillandsias is that they don’t need soil to grow, and you can include them in the smallest of spaces without any worries!  If you too want to include them in your houseplant collection, then have a look at How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties.

Here are the best types of air plants you can grow

Basic Care Tips to Grow Air Plants at Home

These low-maintenance plants thrive by absorbing nutrients and water from the surrounding air in their natural habitat.


Most air plants do well in bright sunlight exposure, but the lighting requirements also depend on the varieties you are growing. For instance, plants with a deep green hue can dwell in bright to medium lightening conditions.

Plants with vibrant colors prefer bright light and even do well when exposed to direct sunlight. But make sure never to put the air plants, thriving in the terrarium, to the direct sunlight, as the excess heat magnified by glass may burn them.


Air plant needs occasional watering, as they can not have water from the roots; instead, they absorb water through the leaves. Misting them twice a week with a sprayer or mister will be enough. Alternatively, you can soak the air plant in a container filled with water for a few minutes once in 7-10 days.


You can feed the air plant by spraying a diluted fertilizer using a spray or misting bottle. This will ensure that they get all the required nutrients to thrive well.


Though many air plant varieties can survive in broad temperatures, they do best in the range of 10-30 C.

Some Popular Air Plants Varieties You Can Grow in India

1. Tillandsia ionantha

How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties 2

This is one of the hardiest air plant varieties and features silvery green leaves that darken with age. It also blooms spectacular violet mini flowers.

2. Tillandsia seleriana

The hairy leaves make the plant look like it is covered with a fine layer of snow! The fuzziness on the leaves is due to the trichomes that helps them absorb and retain water.

3. Tillandsia harrisi

How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties 3

The light grey-green leaves of this air plant look remarkable, and its violet-red blooms add timeless charm to its overall appearance.

4. Tillandsia bulbosa

Bulbosa variety features a bulbous stem base and thick and wire-like curled leaves, giving this air plant a quirky look.

5. Tillandsia cyanea

How to Identify and Care for Air Plant Varieties 4

Commonly known as the pink quill, the pink flower with purple bracts is the main attraction of this air plant variety and is used as a focal specimen in houses.

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