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Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Do you love strawberries but hate the fact that they can be expensive? Learn How to Grow Strawberries at Home in India and get a free supply for your entire family!

How to Grow Strawberries at Home in India
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We all know that Mahabaleshwar in India is famous for cultivating delicious strawberries. However, you can also enjoy them organically at home in a small space like a balcony! Surprised? Don’t be! Here’s all you need to know about How to Grow Strawberries at Home in India!

Here are the best types of Strawberries you can grow in India

Strawberries in India

During British rule, strawberries were brought to India and since then, people have cultivated their various varieties. Strawberry plants are easy to grow and have a compact and fast-growing habit.

The best months to grow this plant are September to October in the northern regions. In the northeastern parts, the best months are from November to January; in the southern part of India, it’s from January to July. 

How to Grow Strawberries at Home?

Growing strawberries at home is a very easy process. As you don’t need a big space or garden to cultivate them, they can be grown in hanging baskets, pots, grow bags, and buckets. All you need is a sunny spot and you can enjoy fresh fruits at home!

You can either start the plant from seeds or get a sapling from a local nursery or a garden center in your area.

Here’s all you need to know about Strawberry farming in India

Requirements for Growing Strawberries in India



The plant needs plenty of light to produce a maximum number of fruits. Choose a location that gets at least 4-6 hours of direct sun. Growing it in a shaded location will result in lesser or no fruits. If you live in an apartment, a sunny balcony or a window would be an ideal place.


It would be a good idea to amend the garden soil with plenty of compost and organic matter. The soil needs to be well-draining as it will help the plant in fruiting. You can also use coffee grounds and compost tea to increase soil acidity and fertility.


The key to growing tasty strawberries lies in the way you water the plants. The soil needs to be a little on the moist side always. To do so, water the plant when the topsoil feels a little dry to touch. Strawberry roots are shallow, so they need moisture frequently in the growing season, regular watering is favorable.

Also, avoid spilling water on the foliage.

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Strawberry Plant Care

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Feeding the plant is essential to promote growth and fruiting. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer (10-10-10) during the growing phase of the plant. Dilute it to 1/2 of its strength and feed it once in 3-4 weeks. Do refer to the label for dosage and instructions.

You can also add rotted cow manure to the growing medium every month.


Snip out the runners from time to time for a better yield. Also, take away the dead leaves to ensure they are not blocking the foliage to get proper sunlight.

Pests and Diseases

Be careful of powdery mildew, gray mold, spider mites, and slugs. You can keep them away by using a neem oil solution. You also have to be careful of the birds as they love to feed on berries.

When it comes to diseases, strawberries are susceptible to fungal issues along with fruit and root rot. Avoid overwatering the plant and provide plenty of air circulation to keep the plant safe.

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Harvesting Strawberries

The plant will be ready to harvest in 30-40 days from flowering. Look for the berries that take a deep red-maroon color and are a little soft to touch. Harvest the fruits on time as they rot quickly after ripening. Use a pair of scissors and make a clean cut without damaging the plant.

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