How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Pots in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Here’s everything you need to know on How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Pots to enjoy its fresh and abundant harvest at home with these easy tips!

How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Pots

Roma tomatoes are a determinate tomato variety with lesser seeds and more flesh, making them best for cooking, preparing sauce, and paste. If you want to know How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Pots, we have all the details for you!

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How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Pots

Purchase a sapling from the nearby nursery and plant it in a container filled with quality potting mix. Water the plant well and place it at any sunny location to thrive. If you are growing it from the seeds, this may take 75-90 days to attain maturity from the sowing.

The ideal pot size for Roma tomatoes is 14-16 inches. Go for terracotta containers with drainage holes at the bottom to let the excess water out.

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Requirements for Growing Roma Tomatoes


The plant does best in 4-6 hours of full or direct sunlight. Avoid placing it in the partial sun or shade. For indoors, you can choose a south-west facing window. But, make sure to protect them from the scorching sun during summer afternoons.


Roma tomatoes require a lot of water for bountiful fruit production, especially during the fruiting season. As a thumb rule, if the topsoil feels dry to touch, water it deeply.


The plant appreciates well-draining, fertile, organic-rich, and well-aerated soil for prolific growth. Go for any quality potting mix or loamy-sandy soil amended with sand and organic matter. These tomatoes appreciate slightly acidic soil with a pH of 6-6.5.


The ideal temperature for aroma tomatoes is 12-32 C, but it must not drop below 10 C. The tomatoes get the best red color when the temperature is between 27-30 C.

Taking Care of Roma Tomatoes 

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Use any balanced fertilizer and avoid using a high nitrogen feed to aid in plant growth with lesser fruits. Alternatively, use fish emulsion once a week during its fruiting season for prolific growth.


Though it is a bush variety that only reaches upto a certain height, you can still trim the criss-cross, broken, or damaged branches from time to time to aid in speedy growth.


Install stakes or cages around the plant to support the excess weight of the tomatoes. This staking prevents the fruit from rotting by falling on the ground.

Pests and Diseases

This determinate tomato variety is resistant to pests and diseases, yet it is susceptible to fungal infection or blossom end rot if the foliage gets wet. To combat this, water the plant only near the soil without wetting the leaves.

Harvesting Roma Tomatoes 

Harvest them before they are ripened fully to relish their best flavor. Check if the tomatoes have turned red, soft, and plumpy – this indicates it is the time to pick them!

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