How to Grow Marble Money Plant in India

Last Updated: 19.10.2023

Here is everything you need to know about How to Grow Marble Money Plant and its care tips, along with an easy propagation method!

How to Grow Marble Money Plant

The Marble Queen money plant is popular for its heart-shaped leaves, heavily mottled with white-cream variegations. It is low-maintenance, can thrive even in the low light, and also purify the indoor air by eliminating formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Let’s have a look at How to Grow Marble Money Plant in India!

How to Propagate Marble Money Plant

Take 4-6 inches long cutting with several nodes from a healthy marble money plant. Remove the leaves from the base of the cutting, leaving a few at the top. Now, put some rooting hormone at the end and plant it in a pot filled with half of sand and peat moss each.

Water well, cover the plant with a plastic bag, and keep it in a warm and bright place. Mist it regularly. Once the cutting develops some roots, you can transplant it in a container with a good quality potting mix.

A Tip: You can also purchase the plant from the nearby nursery and plant it in the container with a quality potting mix.

Growing Requirements of Marble Money Plant

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The Marble money plant grows best in indirect, bright sunlight. It can also dwell in the low light areas, but the foliage turns total green in such cases. Avoid placing it in the direct afternoon sun as that’ll scorch its leaves.


The plant should be watered deeply when the topsoil feels dry to touch until it comes out of the drainage holes. Let the top few inches of soil dry out before re-watering. Cut down the watering rate during winters.


The plant performs well in the temperature range of 18 to 30 C. You should mist the plant every 3-4 days, during the summers, when the air is exceptionally drier to elevate the humidity for the plant.


Any well-draining, quality potting mix with pH 6-8 will do the trick. You can also DIY by blending equal parts of garden soil, organic compost, and sand or coco peat. The plant can also thrive in fertile, loamy soil that is amended with manure and sand.

Pot Size

The container must be 6-8 inches deep as well as wide for growing marble money plant.  Ensure the pot has ample drainage holes in the bottom to let the excess water in the pot escape out.

Care Tips



The plant has vigorous growth and may fill up the pot easily. So, when your plant starts outgrowing the current pot, and if you notice the roots on the topsoil, re-pot it in a 1-size larger container with a fresh potting mix.


Use any nitrate-based fertilizer or organic fertilizer every two weeks during summer. See instruction label for dosage. You can also use well-rotted cow dung manure. Feed only during the evening or early morning and stop fertilizing in winters.


The plant does not require any special pruning, but you can trim the stems to keep the size in check. Moreover, the plant should be examined for any yellowing, discolored, or broken leaves or stems and must be pruned back immediately.

Pests and Diseases

Though money plants are free from pest attacks, yet they can be susceptible to mealy bugs. You can either discard them manually using hands or use a sharp jet of hose water to knock them off.

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